10 Best iPhone Pranks Harmless To Spoof Your Friends

There are a variety of things in life more playable than getting on over on a friend or work colleague. Nothing too dire of course, just a little pull here and there to keep the day moving along. It’s what friend enjoy doing.

So everyone is a fan of good prank now. Usually hold true until a prank gets dig on them. It’s their fault for leaving their phone unlocked. If so happen to know someone with an iPhone and is candid enough to not use a passcode with it then we have put together a list of nice easy, and more importantly, quick ways to pranking them. All ten will have them confused and perhaps spoofed, but they will hopefully see the funny side when they realize what’s going on behind the scenes.

11 iPhone Pranks
My lucky number is ‘9’. With an iPhone. What exactly you do to get the giggles flowing?

Never-Ending Typing

First you know those three animated dots that show when typing in iMessage? A cool prank that could send someone a GIF of that exact animation so that they sit waiting for a reply that will never come. Yes, is the answer. You can download this GIF of three dots right here.

Guess what? Send it to a friend in the middle of a text conversation. Don’t mind! Because, it will look like you’re typing forever.

Auto-correct Treachery

Using the built-in iOS keyboard schortcuts, set something innocuous to be automatically altered when typing. It’s an autocorrect fun for evil. On your friend’s phone. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add New Shortcut. Change “no” to “Cheesburgers”. For users on iOS 9 beta, you may see Text Replacement instead of “Add Shortcut”.

Autocorrect Prank fun
Now, whenever they type “no”, it will autocorrect to “Cheeseburgers”.

Inverted Colors

For that, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on the Inverted Colors toggle. The next time your friend picks up his iPhone, he will be surprised thinking the graphics chip has gone bonkers. This will leave head scathing to its finest.

Inverted Color Prank 3

Tappered In Wallpaper Prank / App

Stand behind a clear glass window and pretend that you are stuck inside. Take a photo in a way that looks if you’re tappered inside a phone. Now, set it as your friend’s lock screen and wait. In the similar fashion, on your friend’s phone, go to Settings > General > Accessibility. Turn on Guided Access. Open a boring app (like weather). Press the Home button 3x. Enter a passcode.

What happens? Your friend can’t quit the app without the passcode. This is how trapped in an app prank works.

Frozen Home Screen

This Frozen Home Screen prank is an old one for anyone who was around when this was all the rage on Windows PCs, but nevertheless is still a good one to get people with. Actually all you need to do is take a screenshot of someone’s home screen (press the Power + Home buttons at the same time). Hold the Home button until their apps start wiggling. Drag or move all their Home Screen apps to the right onto another screen. Press the Home button when done to stop the wiggling.

Apple the screenshot as their wallpaper. To do so, go to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose A New Wallpaper and set their Home Screen wallpaper to the screenshot you just snapped. The next time when they tap the apps on their home screen, nothing will happen. Oh, and then watch as they try to tap icons that don’t exist. Yes, it’s funny, but it’s guaranteed to make you giggle.

The Classic Contact Switch

The glist of it is that you’re going to change the name of your contact, giving it a name that shuffle itself to being abused. Change your name to ‘Spouse’ for example and then send a text saying incriminating then watch as you mark squirms.

Simply head over to your friend’s Contacts app. Find yourself, change your name to someone else. Troll away. Have fun!

Accessibility Lockout

The iOS Guided Access feature is great if you want to keep an iPhone or an iPad locked to one app, which makes it perfect for pranks. Guided Access locks a user into one application, usually used so that children can use one app without messing around with anything else on the device.

Accessibility Lockout Prank
Turn Guided Access on and then launch an app that’s suitably boring like Stocks before activating Guided Access by pressing the Home button three times. Set a PIN and then watch as they try to exit the app which never going to happen without a passcode you just set.

Siri Name Calling

tap and hold the Home button or say, “Hey Siri” if the device is plugged in to access Siri. Command Siri to call the user of the phone any name you can think of. I had a friend that forced Siri to call him “Faker,” so this prank is definitely made for people like him.

Siri Name Call Prank
If Siri is enabled at the lock screen, you can simply create all sorts of havoc. Schedule reminders, set random alarms, or even send text messages without even knowing your victims passcode. Pranks like these are a good reason to disable access to Siri from the lock screen. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and uncheck Siri in the “Allow Access When Locked” section.

Cracked Screen Wallpaper

To show up a Broken Screen of your phone, this is one never gets old. Simply download a wallpaper on your friends phone which has broken glass patterns on it. Lock their phone, and wait for the mini-heartbreaking prank work to ensure as they pick up their device and unlock it. Priceless reactions!

Broken screen prank 10

Wake me Up

Open the clock app and tap on the alarm tab. Create an alarm for a very inconvenient time, let’s say 3:00 AM and choose the worst sound possible and DISABLE snooze. Suggest the standard Alarm which is located in the Classic section of Sounds. Make the alarm repeating if you’re really want to spoof.

11th Prank is Awkward Selfie

Send a version of this conversation to the victim. Simply wait for them to start sending unexacting awkward looking selfies. It really works!

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