Apple Now Sells An Expensive Leather Sleeve For 12-Inch MacBooks

We have seen the iPad Pro Leather Sleeve, unlike that Apple has quietly released an elegant looking MacBook version Sleeve that features a slit along the horizontal edge of the leather.

Finally, Apple invents the leather laptop sleeve, as it made iPhone cases and Apple’s made accessories to keep iPad cozy, but didn’t make a laptop sleeve. For 12-inch MacBooks, Apple has today released blind-embossed leather sleeve with the company’s logo.

$149 buys you European leather and a microfibre lining

It’s the first sleeve for MacBook and of its kind from Apple, which until now has only sold third-party MacBook cases. Specifications wise, according to Apple – the design allows yu to charge your laptop while it’s sitting in the case, and ships in Saddle Brown and Midnight Blue for $149.

Pricing for that seems a little steep, but Apple says the sleeve is “crafted from high-quality European leather with a soft microfiber lining,” which certainly sounds posh.

As the buzz surrounding the iPhone X launch day, Apple released Leather Sleeve For 12-inch MacBook.

Otherwise, the Leather Sleeve for 12-inch MacBook looks very much similar to the Leather Sleeve for iPad Pro, is available in two different fragrances. And also this should make it easier to insert or remove the 12-inch MacBook, as there’s less travel involved.

The sleeve allows you to backup your MacBook battery with a USB-C cable while the unit is enclosed inside. You’ll also notice four feet indentions on the back of the sleeve to accommodate the feet on the bottom.

In order to justify the cost, Apple notes that they are made of legitimate quality leather, and the sleeve includes a soft interior to protect your MacBook’s aluminum finish. It is available now from the Apple Store, and ships within one business day.

If you own a MacBook and need to fill an iPhone-X-shaped hole then maybe this is the purchase for you right now. If looking for something significantly cheaper model, we have got here the MoKo Sleeve Bag, a pseudo-leather sleeve available on Amazon.

When compared, Apple Leather Sleeve for the 12-inch MacBook allows you to charge your laptop while it’s enclosed inside. What do you think about the MacBook Leather Sleeve?

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