13.3-Inch MacBook Air With Retina Display, Touch ID Specs Released, Price Announced

Apple macOS fans who don’t need the power and versatility of a high-end, mega-expensive Mac gets a great news. Today at the event in New York, Apple’s executive team has announced a brand new 2018 MacBook Air that will act as an entry-level device for Mac owners. Here are the details on what you actually want to know.

Consumers have been taking the opportunity over the past few years to replace their entry-level MacBook Air with an iPad, large-screen hybrid phone, or even a laptop on a competing platform, such as an affordable Windows machine. A growing number are also even accepting a Chromebook that doesn’t offer all of the bells and whistles but just gets the job done for those who need an occasional machine.

Although the fact that Apple hasn’t provided a significant update to MacBook Air for a while, but has meant that sales have declined recently. Apple will be hoping that this refresh will change that and start to show a rise.

With the announcement today, Apple has essentially replaced the aging MacBook Air with this brand new 2018 MacBook Air model. Instead, Apple has opted for familiar changes from its current 12-inch MacBook line to push the overhaul model forward.

Specifications / Highlights

This new machine from Apple has a higher-resolution 13.3-inch Retina Display panel with a slim design. It still keeps the portability that made the MacBook Air so popular when it was originally introduced by Steve Jobs while giving it much better display and internal specs. That display will also be surrounded by similar bezels, only to ensure the screen is the focal point which isn’t dominated by any unnecessary on-screen real estate.

There is no Touch Bar on this new thing, as expected, but now have integrated with Touch ID – making up for a biometric security, powered by Apple’s T2 security chip. The keyboard on the new MacBook Air is now the same one as found on the latest gen of MacBook Pros. The new generation MacBook Air comes with a Force Toch trackpad, which is now 20% larger than the one found on the earlier MacBook Air.

Connectivity options; two Thunderbolt 3 ports, HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort. The machine is able to output 5K to external displays, and also comes supporting eGPUs. At the heart of the machine, you get an 8th Intel dual-core CPU, supports 16GB of RAM, with storage topping out at 1.5TB SSD.

As for the new MacBook Air’s battery life, Apple is giving us different numbers, 13 hours of iTunes movie playback, but 12 hours for web browsing.

Price / Release Date

For those interested in buying this latest MacBook Air, Apple will start selling the hardware from November 7 at a starting cost of $1,119 which packs 8GB RAM, 1.6GHz Core i5, and 128GB SSD.

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