2018 6.1-Inch LCD iPhone 9 May Use New Backlighting Tech For Bezel-Less Display

A new report has surfaced claiming that Apple will adopt backlight-reducing chips for its upcoming 2018 LCD iPhone in order to equip it with a full-bezel-less screen design. Japanese firm Nichia will “exclusively” supply 0.3t LED chips for that creation. Here are the details on it.

Apple is widely expected to launch no fewer than three new iPhone models later this year. One of those is rumored to be a less costly LCD variant, it is also predicted that all three iPhones will have same small bezels similar to that of the iPhone X.

In order to reduce screen bezel size and bring LCD panels closer to bezel-free OLED screens, Apple may adopt LCD backlighting chips for the LCD panels in its forthcoming 2018 iPhones. Due to the fact, the use of OLED screens makes this eminently possible – just look at the iPhone X – the same cannot be said for standard LCD manufacturing techniques.

According to one supply chain report, the answer may be around the corner. With that said, the always semi-reliable DigiTimes has won a contract to be the sole supplier of the backlighting system that will be used in the 6.1-inch LCD “iPhone 9” thanks to a new generation of technology that will allow for smaller bezels than would normally be the case.

While LTPS-LCD smartphone screens with backlights using 0.4t LED chips have bottom bezels of 4.0-4.5mm, use of 0.3t LED chips can reduce them to 2.0-2.5mm, enhancing LCD screens’ competitiveness against OLED all (bezel-free) screens panels, the sources explained.

Packaging of 0.3t LED chips for side-view backlighting of LTPS-LCD smartphone panels is more difficult in accuracy and stability than that of 0.4t LED chips, the sources noted, adding Nichia began trial production of 0.3t LED chips for use in high-end smartphone models launched by China- and Japan-based vendors in the first half of 2018.

If not, the exclusive supplier of the LCD chips for use in backlighting of the panels used in the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone – Apple is expected to launch around September.

As already mentioned about the three new iPhones from Apple’s side are coming to rejoice your iOS experience: Two OLED models measuring in at 5.8 and 6.5 inches and a 6.1-inch lower-cost LCD model. All three are believed to feature Face ID and edge-to-edge displays.

If that has started to happen, then this will allow bezels to be smaller on most LCD devices it unlikely that they will be as small as iPhones with OLED panels inside. However, there’s a difference in bezel size actually, which is to be relatively small, allowing the 6.1-inch iPhone to look very similar to its more costly stablemates.

Previous rumors have suggested the use of upgraded display technology in the lower-priced device. For example, Apple may use Full Active LCDs from Japan Display, which are said to match or exceed some of the benefits of an OLED display at a lower cost. Japan Display is said to be ramping up LCD production in an effort to fulfill orders from Apple.

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Another report by The Wall Street Journal says, sources involved with Apple’s supply chain claim that Apple now expects LCD models to make up the majority of iPhone sales in its upcoming bandwagon. With that said, Apple initially wanted roughly equal production of iPhone models with LCDs and OLED displays. but now plans to make more of the LCD models than OLED. As it supposedly anticipates strong customer demand for the more affordable X-like model.

Nichia is a Japanese firm an exclusive deal in place now, it looks like Apple may gain additional sources of this kind of panels as soon as next year, as per the report today, other companies also coming online.

Taiwan-based Epistar and China-based Sanan Optoelectronics are poised to produce 0.3t LED chips, while Taiwan-based LED packaging service providers Everlight Electronics and Unity Opto Technology as well as China-based fellow makers Foshan Nationstar Optoelectronics and Shenzhen Refound Optoelectronics are capable of packaging 0.3t LED chips for side-view backlighting, the sources said.

Additional detailing on what to expect in the iPhones lineup coming in 2018, likely to debut in September release timeframe, can be found in 2018 iPhones roundup.

(Source: DigiTimes)

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