2018 6.1-Inch iPhone To Have Full Active LCD For Ultra Slim Bezels [Report]

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a brand new 2018 6.1-inch LCD iPhone model that uses a “Full Active LCD” display which would essentially allow Apple to deliver a device with extremely narrow bezels. Corroborating with previous reports The cheaper variant of 2018 iPhone will make use of Japan Pixel Eyes touch sensor from Japan Display as well.

According to a new report, published in the public domain suggests that Apple will use a Full Active LCD panel from Japan Pixels as one of the major selling points. The display will feature narrow bezels on all the four sides as to ensure the 6.1-inch iPhone offers the same bezel-less look as the OLED iPhones it will be launching alongside.

However, the reports by Makotakara also cites yield issues, which begin this month, due to the high precision production of the LCD panels – led to far lower yields than expected. For this reason, Apple might be pushing the release date of the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone to November which is what other reports have claimed.

By utilizing that type of display panel, other manufacturers have been able to produce a device that has extremely small bezels, as small as 0.5mm on each side of the screen. This giving the effect a glorious edge-to-edge device that very much looks like a smartphone comprised of an entire visual panel. Currently, Apple’s flagship, the iPhone X, offers bezels of 1mm around each edge.

While the report suggests that Apple’s new 6.1-inch LCD model will have four sides narrow frame, but again, there is no additional clarity on that as yet. The site predicts that bezel to be or if it will actually be noticeably smaller than what is today offered with iPhone X.

Previously, speculations and rumors suggested that the new 2018 OLED models would apparently feature narrower bezels than the cheaper/low -cost LCD model. With the use of Full Active LCD, it would appear that the initial product may not actually be true.

The move will definitely help its bottom line, though there’s a possibility of many customers holding back on their purchase for the launch of the LCD iPhone. Apple has been in touch with Japan Display on this type of tech for quite some time now, but this would be the first model iPhone to actually benefit from the tech.

(Image: 6.1-inch 2018 iPhone)

Apple continually seems to manage to satisfy those in the market for a new iPhone, with the days counting down until an official Apple announcement we simply don’t need to wait much longer until we see exactly what Apple holds in store for the market share.

(Source: MacOtakara)

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