2018 iPad Pro To Pose Rounded Screen Corners As iPhone X

Apple’s new iOS beta releases definitely give us an indication as to what it has in the pipeline on a number of occasions now and iOS 12 to be the next firmware which is absolutely no difference in the regard. So the release of iOS 12 beta 5 does have some findings of iPad-related titbits.

The latest interesting thing to come out of iOS 12 plinking expedition is the fact that any iPad set to be released this year appears to have rounded screen corners, something that iPhone X have.

iPad Pro Concept Bezels

Rumors of a new iPad Pro has already been predicted of late and the smart money is on at least one new iPad Pro arriving in weeks coming at the very least, before the end of the current year.

As we have no concrete information regarding on what that iPad Pro will entail, though. It does look like that it will follow the iPhone X design language of doing away with large bezels, ditching the Home button and going all-in on Face ID authentication.

It seems we are one step closer to being confirmed, at least in part, after it was spotted that there are assets inside iOS 12 beta 5 that reference an unannounced iPad (J3xx) and include the rounded corners we are now so familiar with thanks to the iPhone X.

However, a new asset we’ve discovered suggests that the new iPad Pro models will in fact have a display with rounded corners. The asset is a mask used to round the corners of some UI element, and its format is very clearly a rounded rectangle (or squircle). The asset mentions J3xx, which indicates a 2018 iPad model number (J3 followed by two more digits). There’s also another similar asset for this year’s entry level iPhone (codenamed N84), which seems to confirm the rumors that all of this year’s iPhones will have a design similar to iPhone X.

Next iPad Pro To Have Rounded Screen Corners Like iPhone X

Point to be noted, that important to remember this is an iOS beta, and as such in all its sorts. Nothing is set in stone. So, we cannot imagine any iPad design is going to change between now and launch, but again, we are confident in saying that this all but confirms an iPad Pro with rounded display corners is on the way.

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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