2018 iPhone 9 Rumored To Have 6.46 And 5.85-Inch Display Sizes

Forget the iPhone 8, as a new supply chain claims echos rumors that the iPhone 9 will be available in two sizes including one with a massive screen. According to the sources, Apple is developing two new OLED iPhones for 2018, including a 5.85-inch successor of the iPhone 8, and a 6.46-inch model.

Back in May the Korea Herald published a report in which it states that Samsung Display has signed a new deal to provide component for iPhones in 2018. The 2018 iPhone release was actually expected to amount to two new variants; a 5.28-inch model and a 6.46-inch model, the two sporting OLED tech. Now the same publication is updating the news regarding the size of those displays.

According to the rumors, the 5.85-inch “iPhone 9” will have the same screen size as the iPhone 8. Apple said to has already started working with Samsung Display and other parts maker on next year;s devices, the report notes. It’s a bit earlier than usual, but that may be because Apple is adding a Plus model into the mix.

Based on the new tip, the previously anticipated 5.28-inch display will now actually be a 5.85-inch one, with the 6.46-onch panel set for the Plus device. That larger device would be considerably bigger than the Galaxy Note 8 that was just announced by Samsung recently.

Samsung’s phone will ship with a 6.3-inch display when it goes on sale to the public. If all goes as the report claims then Apple will sell three models of iPhone with OLED screens next year, with size of the third one still up in the air. And with the iPhone 8 being ready for its launch as the first of OLED iPhones when it is released next month.

The iPhones sales numbering more than 200 million per year, that’s considerable number of OLED screens that will need to be produced in order to meet the demand, meaning Samsung may have signed quite the deal earlier this year.

It seems plausible to assume that The Investor refers to this year’s iPhone 8 which will stay in Apple’s lineup for one more year at a lower price point. Currently, it’s unclear what Apple might call the 2018 iPhones given that the iPhone 8 name isn’t official. iPhone 8s? iPhone 9? iPhone Pro 2018? Whatever the case, to be certain is that Apple wants to bring full-screen designs and OLED displays to all of its iPhones as soon as possible.

The iPhone 8, as it’s happening – rumored for months now, will finally be announced during a media event that is strongly believed to take place on September 12th. And Apple announced that already!

(Source: Korea Herald)

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