2018 iPhone X Plus / 6.1-Inch iPhone Renders Listed On The Web

Everyone from all over the world was talking about Apple’s WWDC and its software announcements, but many thought to witness some of the new hardware that all the software will run on. Top of the list is the collection of 2018 iPhones that will be announced in a few short months.

All of the attention was put on those hardware releases which doesn’t hit the web this time rather set a date for them in the second half of the year 2018. Rumors have already been suggesting we can expect not one, not two but three new iPhones in September. One of those product launches will include an iPhone X successor because it will be an updated version of 2017’s model.

Interestingly, the things are getting more and more compelling to see what the other two phones carry forward. As expected, one of which will be a new low-cost version of the iPhone X with a 6.1-inch display while the larger one, dubbed the iPhone X Plus, will contemplate in at 6.5-inches.

Currently, in this far situation, we obviously do not know for sure but that doesn’t stop us from drooling over the latest concept images of the pair, this time shared by OnLeaks.

Looking at the two phones shown in these new creations the iPhone X Plus, if the renders indeed are what it is called, may well look just like what we see here. However, and somewhat unfortunately, the same cannot be said about that 6.1-inch offering.

Otherwise, it had that model using an LCD screen rather than the OLED screen used in Apple’s more costly models for quite some time now. The latest reports although tout OLED display panels for all three models. This will mean that not only will its output not look as vibrant as it does in these renders but most importantly it will likely need some sort of chin in order to house all of the mechanical trickery that is needed to make the screen work.

With KGI Securities analyst Min-Chi Kuo predicting the fact that 6.1-inch iPhone will cost significantly less than the rest of the 2018 iPhone lineup. Then again, it is very likely that Apple will want to differentiate it from its higher-end counterparts that would further suggest that we can expect subtle design differences between it and other iPhones launched this year.

(Source: MySmartPrice, @OnLeaks [Twitter])

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