2018 iPhone X Plus Concept Shown In Hands-On Video [Details]

We have already ripped off with the speculations and rumors regarding a new version of the OLED equipped iPhone X launch later this year. As we also saw a new report out of Bloomberg already, speaking of the facts that Apple would release a new iPhone X Plus variant, too. Here are the details you need to know about it today.

With the release of a new concept video showing just how great a larger iPhone X could look. This is not an official one though, but the idea behind speaks everything that might entail. Potentially set to be called the iPhone X Plus, or at least what’s everyone is calling it right now.

This unannounced and certainly unconfirmed device showing up online has been a subject of some mockup work by ConceptsiPhone, with a video released to YouTube exhibiting just how amazing an iPhone X larger proportions could look.

Literally, in the interests of accuracy. At least to the rumors, the concept shows us the return of the gold color option that we heard, coming with the dual-SIM capability tray, is also thought to be something Apple is considering for some markets, such as China and Asia.

The concept video may not be the longest we have ever seen, but it does give us (tip) a great indication or hint on how Apple may go with the alteration of an oversized iPhone X.

Essentially, what’s exciting would be is the supersizing of iPhone X design, Apple already does with the standard iPhone earlier in order to get to the iPhone Plus that has steadily become more and more popular over the years.

This year, 2018 will definitely see the iPhone X Plus in real possibility as a compliment, so we do know that if it did arrive, we’d absolutely have to seriously consider it over its smaller sibling.

(Source: ConceptsiPhone [YouTube])

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