iPhone X Successor Price To Start From $899, iPhone X Plus To Cost $999

We still have time to speculate and predict about the 2018 iPhone X variant and its budget which is set to be available after its debut in September. Alongside, the successor to iPhone X, we also would see a larger version of it at 6.5-inches, complete with the telltale Face ID feature and lack of Touch ID.

Along with the bigger version of iPhone X, there is also expected to be a refreshed 5.8-inch model. As you might expect, a new 6.1-inch LCD model of iPhone carrying rather than the OLED used in the rest of the newly refreshed lineup.

Now, PBC Capital analyst has had a go working out what this new lineup will cost. According to Amit Daryanani says that he believes Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup will begin with a cost of $700+” for the 61.-inch LCD display model, while the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone X replacement could start at $899. That levels the iPhone X Plus, which the analyst predicts will start at $999, the iPhone X’s current price.,

There have been plenty of rumors from various sources coming out over the past weeks and months also decided to show what the 2018 iPhone lineup will look like, but while features and screen sizes have tended to be things that the majority of people have been able to agree upon, when it comes to pricing there has been a deafening silence other than a suggestion that cheaper manufacturing costs could lead to seeing the iPhone X drop in price.

However, the prices for those seemingly believable. If the iPhone X can be made more cheaply, as has already been rumored, than a $100 drop in price makes sense. Also, the high-end for the larger iPhone X device, there’s a room alongside the LCD model, sit below both “X” devices, taking the place of the current iPhone 8 Plus in the lineup.

(Image: iPhone X Plus concept)

All in all, there’s still being a number of months to go before Apple takes the wraps off of any of these new devices. And there is plenty of time for rumors and counter-concepts to materialize. For now, these prices sound about right to use, but we’re still unaware of knowing for sure.

(Via: 9to5Mac, Source: @kifleswing [Twitter])

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