2018 iPhones Rumored To Ship With New 18W USB-C Power Adapters, Lightning Cables for Fast Charging

The main disappointing things about the launch of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X was the lack of a power adapter which would actually support fast charging capabilities. Instead, Apple included a 5W power adapter with a USB-A to Lightning cable that doesn’t take advantage of the upgraded technology. If you ever find yourself needing to quickly get power into an iPhone, and wish to soak it up a little bit quicker, then this report suggesting that you could see this year’s new iPhones ship with chargers that are capable of charging more quickly.

According to a new report on Chinese social network Weibo, Apple’s 2018 iPhone lineup could ship with new USB-C power adapters that also comes with USB-C to Lightning cables for faster charging, making it possible to charge said iPhone models more quickly that is currently available out of the box. The post cites supply chain sources, which it does not go into any additional detailing to who they may be.

If the claims are to be accurate, then Apple could ship its next-generation iPhones with a redesigned 18W power adapters that allow for USB-C fast charging with an additional USB-C to Lightning cable. Unfortunately, we’re not able to verify this rumor as it comes from a square without a track record for accurate reporting, but switching to USB-C power adapters across the iPhone and iPad line would make some sense as Apple’s Mac lineup has largely transitioned to USB-C.

If not, an 18W USB-C power adapter would allow fast charging speeds to the tune of users being able to take a dead iPhone to around 50% of its battery capacity in just 30 minutes.

This kind of fast charging functionality is available for the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPad Pro models, but at the current time, it requires customers to use a USB-C MacBook power adapter (costs $49) or a third-party USB-C power adapter ($15+) paired with a Lightning to USB-C cable, which is priced at $25 and only available as a standalone accessory.

Fast charging tests conducted around the time of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X launch suggested that 18W is about as much power as the iPhone needs to charge at full speed. And Apple’s smartphones have lacked when compared to the competition, particularly the high-end Android handsets that sell so well. It’s nothing but a similar story to wireless charging, which again took Apple far too long to join in.

Current iPhone models ship with a 5W power adapter that works with a USB-A to Lightning cable, so an upgrade to an 18W adapter would be a huge change now. Presumably, the same changes will apply in upcoming iPad Pro models if the rumor is true, with Apple also upgrading the existing 12W USB-A iPad Pro power adapter to an 18W USB-C power adapter.

Right now, anyone with an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X or an iPad Pro can take advantage of fast charging capabilities but you will need to pick up a USB-C power adapter along with USB-C to Lightning cable separately. That pairing will set you around $75 – something that is crazy considering anyone buying something like a Samsung Galaxy S9 will get all their charging accessories inside the box.

If Apple does make a move to put such chargers in the same boxes as iPhones, then it will be a welcome addition.

(Source: Weibo)

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