2018 Mac mini Specs, Release Date, Price Announced, Everything Here

Alongside 13.3-inch refreshed 2018 MacBook Air, Apple has used its special media event in New York to announce a brand new Mac mini. This mini machine is now getting a well-deserved update that introduces all of the details right here.

It’s surprising that Apple actually offers Mac mini alongside its other macOS-based offerings. Nevertheless, Apple did it for your choice now. Let’s get over to its highlights.

The last updated version of Mac mini has been in 2014, which was announced at Apple’s HQ in California on October 17th. Now, with this refresh announcement, all of that has changed, meaning users finally have a modern Mac mini to consider when making a Mac purchase.

Features / Specs / Highlights

Processor, Storage; 6-core or quad-core 8th Gen. Intel CPUs. These make this 2018 Mac mini 5x faster than the previous model. There’s RAM on this thing is expandable with a gobsmacking 64GB of memory available for power users. As for storage, which is All-Flash based, it tops out at 2TB.

Connectivity options include Gigabit Ethernet, 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports, HDMI, and two USB-A ports. Also, wait for it… there’s a headphone jack.

Price / Release Date

The latest 2018 Mac mini refresh will be offered to consumers at a starting price point of $799, which packs 8GB RAM, 3.5GHz quad-core CPU. 128GB SSD. This price will rise depending on the configuration chosen but it still firmly puts the 2018 mini in an affordable place for those who don’t want/need to splash out on high-end MacBooks or iMac machines.

Apple’s 2018 Mac mini shipments will start this coming November 7 and will be available in a new Space Gray color. Apple has clearly stated that Mac mini hasn’t had on an update for over 4-years now and doesn’t want to force interested individuals to have to wait any longer.

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