2018 MacBook Air Will Likely Feature Retinal Display, Cost $999

Apple’s MacBook Air celebrates its tenth anniversary, so can we expect Apple to update the MacBook Air in 2018? Will this be the year that Apple removes the MacBook Air from its lineup, or will the company surprise us with a new MacBook Air model? There are a lot of questions and doubts here in detail, but however, we have some rumors and evidence about Apple’s plans for the no-longer-lightest laptop.

If those predictions are anything to go further, Apple is reportedly going to be announcing a MacBook Air during the second quarter of this year, so let us look at the features that we could see from its “affordable” form factor. Hot on the heels of claims by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last week that Apple would be launching a new, cheaper MacBook Air this year, which has followed now be a second report that the pricing for such a notebook would be between $799 and $899. We now have a third report which otherwise claims to add further corroboration to the theory.

Some rumors also said not too long ago that the MacBook Air’s is almost certain and is finally getting the Pro feature we’ve wanted for. The third report does, however, come via the notoriously unreliable source, DigiTimes, but it does tie in with some of the things we have been hearing over the past week or so.

In this article, we cover all the aspects, hints and clues about the hoped-for-new MacBook Air release, including tech specs, new features, design, as well as speculation that Apple may be phasing out the ‘Air’ lineup completely.

2018 MacBook Air Release Date

It’s possible that Apple won’t ever update the MacBook Air again, some belief remains in that Apple has indicated that another low-cost Mac, the Mac mini, “is still important” to it leading to hope that Mac mini will be updated. Since both, Mac mini and MacBook Air using the same generation processor chips right now, and are also located in the lower end portfolio of Apple’s pricing structure, it could be that both Macs will get updated at the same point.

backing this up, DigiTimes reported that a new 13.3-inch MacBook will be launched in Q2. While it’s not clear whether this is an update to the MacBook Air or the MacBook range, the report does claim that it will be a new entry-level Mac priced in the same ballpark as the MacBook Air.

One thing in perfect added to the mixed report, LG is set to begin production of screens for this new MacBook with a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels at the end of May or early June. So a June release to coincide with WWDC 2018 is theoretically possible.

2018 MacBook Air: Price

The new notebook will sell for the same or more than the current MacBook Air which is priced at $999 (cost £849). At £949, it now costs £100 more than it did then. Considering the place of the MacBook Air in Apple’s product line up we feel that it is over-priced at almost £1,000 for what is essentially a three-year-old computer. However, we don’t think we see the price fall any further if Apple does update it.

The report also suggests that a new 13.3-inch MacBook will be priced at a similar level to the MacBook Air – and this time, it will come with a Retina display. This new entry-level Mac could replace or succeed the MacBook Air.

The 13.3-inch a-Si panels for the new notebook feature the same resolution as Apple’s 13.3-inch MacBook Pro at 2,560 by 1,600. LG Display will begin supplying the panel in April with the new MacBook scheduled to enter mass production at the end of May or the beginning of June.

If the aforementioned things are anything to go by, well, it seems that the MacBook Air may finally be getting a Retina display, and LG is set to begin production of screens for a new 13.3in MacBook at the end of May or early June. DigiTimes also believes that Apple will be launching new iPad models in the second quarter and new Pro models during the second half of the year, something that has also received traction via similar reports of late.

All things being equal it does look increasingly likely that we will see new iPads and new notebooks in the coming months. What the lineup will look like afterward remains to be seen quietly.

(Source: DigiTimes)

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