Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro Keyboard Uses New Method For Repelling Dust [Reports]

Apple’s new MacBook Pro models out there with a redesigned architecture and internals underneath the key, as described in a patent application from March. Part of the new design includes a third-generation butterfly keyboard which is slightly quieter than the ones found in the previous iteration of the laptop.

Now that we are in front of Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro and its new keyboard in touch with silicone membrane on the mechanism’s widespread mechanical issues. Apple first acknowledged with a repair program last month, has left many scratching their heads and wondering if the new laptop’s largely unchanged keyboard is susceptible to dust and crumb contamination under the hood.

ifixit macbook pro keyboard silicon membrane

The new keyboard, according to Apple – is designed to be silent than older versions of the keyboard. The Cupertino-based company claims that it is specifically not designed to address any of the hardware and failure rate complaints that have crept up over the years since Apple introduced the butterfly design back in 2015 models, with the first 12-inch MacBook.

iFixit reports say it’s uncovered something that utterly indicates that the new MacBook Pro keyboards use a silicone membrane underneath each individual key to keeping dirt and other unsavory practices from finding their way under the keyboard and locking it up. It also might include a new design decision that does indeed aim to reduce sticky keys, which fall to register, or the other issues that MacBook and MacBook Pro owners have been complaining about.

However, the repair organization dismantled a new 15 inc MacBook Pro keyboard to discover the new mechanism. The publication has a quick teardown of the new mid-2018 MacBook Pro keyboard, which otherwise, indicates that each key bow features a “thin, silicone barrier” under the cap. It has also been noted that this design appears to be specifically implemented to stop “contaminant ingress” and has nothing to do with making the keyboard quieter while someone types on it.

The methods describe using a “guard structure extending from the key cap” that would “funnel” contaminants away from the sensitive portions of the keyboard. With the guard structure, which could be separated from the base when in an undepressed position, that would not make contact with the base even when depressed due to a gasket sitting in between.

Apple’s patent application that went public a couple of months ago goes on to say that the gasket could comprise of a layer of silicone that would act as a membrane. iFixit now says that’s what exactly the new MacBook Pro 2018 keyboard contains, and that the sound of the keyboard is quieter as a side effect of the silicone membrane.

Officially, Apple won’t say that the new keyboard on the 2018 MacBook Pro line is designed to fix the issues that have popped up, rather it appears that maybe. instead, they have indeed aimed to do just that. iFixit is also planning on having a full teardown soon, and perhaps we all will have a better answer when that happens.

We won’t exactly know how sure if this method is indeed a successful solution to the MacBook keyboard gripes we’ve been hearing about it for years now. But it does seem to illustrate that Apple is taking the issue seriously enough to implement a better solution. If and if Apple did indeed aim to alleviate some of the design stress, and fix the situation, will you be considering upgrading to a 3rd-gen butterfly keyboard later this year – or even with the newest MacBook Pro options?

(Source: iFixit)

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