25 Best Things Your iPhone Can Do With An Ease

Ok! What actually you know about your new iPhone? One point to note is you use your iPhone 6s, 6, or 5s or any older version running iOS all day every day, but have you ever though about some handful of features that are relatively unknown, then follow this to know what are those inclusions you are missing in your iPhone. Rip off the burried features in the Settings menu while others are hidden in plain sight. Plus, there are a few things Siri can do for you that you may not know about, really.

Note: Most of the unknown iPhone features are available from in iOS 8 and some made available in iOS 9 or higher. Catch me if you can!

First: Did you know that you can “respond to texts without unlocking your phone”. Yes! You can do so to texts directly from your lock screen by pulling down the notification drawer and swiping over to left on the SMS alerts. You’ll see a “Reply” option, and tapping it will let you type a response without having to unlock your iPhone.

Second solution is from your app, you can swipe down from the top to access the notification drawer to answer a text the same way you would on the lock screen.

Third one is that yur iPhone let you see which apps drain the most battery. Want to know why your iPhone battery drains so quickly than usual? Head over to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. This tip lets you check which apps are actually occupying the most battery power and life.

Fourth is that there’s an easy way to view each and every photo or video you’ve sent to someone. For that! Just open the messaging thread in the “Messages” app and press the “Details” button in the upper right corner.

Fifth feature allows you send audio snippets and video messages that expire after two minutes, also called it as a self-distruct messages. Navigate to Settings > Messages and scroll to the bottom, you’ll notice a section for audio and video messages. From there you can choose to let them expire after two minutes or never. Your choice here!

Sixth tip explains where you are, you can simply send your location to another person via text message. Just tap the “Details” button in the upper right corner of your message thread and select “Send My Location”.

Seventh option let your friends track where you go and are. If you want your family members to be able to track you as you move, then you can do so by completing the same steps mentioned in the previous slide and choose the “Share My Location” instaed of “Send My Location.” You can even choose to share yoiur location for one hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely.

Eighth steps takes you to the “Mute Text Messages”. You can be able to do that for individual contacts and conversations. Just head over to your messaging thread and switch the “Do Not Disturb”.

Ninth is for Group texts coversation, which can be effective for reaching many people at once, but at same time annying. If you want to leave group conversation, simply by tapping the “Details” button in the upper right corner of the group convos and select “Leave Conversation”.

Tenth thread let you name a group conversation. If you frequently chat with the same group or are talking with multiple people about a specific topic, naming a group conversation can be very helpful. To do that, go to “Details” in the message section and fill in the “Group Name” field with an appropriate title.

Eleventh feature let you use Siri hands-free. You don’t always have to hold down the home button to launch Siri. On iPhone 6s, just say the phrase “Hey Siri” to launch Apple’s virtual assistant. On older iPhones, must be plugged in to a power outlet for this feature to work. Just head to Settings > General > Siri and turn on “Enable Hey Siri” first. You can even enable Siri to read articles on websites, books, text messages, and more thanks to the one of the iPhone’s lesser known accessibility features. For this navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech. Turn on Speak Screen and Speak Selection now. Once swiped down from the top of the screen with two fingers, Siri will dictate the content of whatever is on the screen. Clever!

Twelth option is another feature hidden in Accessibility section. Control your iPhone by Siri, and for that go to Settinngs > General > Accessibility and then scroll down to the Interaction subhead and tap “Switch Control.” Tap “Switches” and “Add New Switch.” Select “Camera” and choose “Left Head Movement” or “Right Head Movement.” Then pick an action under the “System” menu, which ultimately tells you what task your head management will trigger. I choose Siri, so each time I tell my head to the left it automatically launches Siri. Great!

Thirteenth step is your iPhone tracks each and every place you visited and still there’s a way to find it by digging into your phone’s setting. Press the Settings icon and head to Privacy > Location Services > System Services. Scrolling to the bottom and by selecting “Frequent Locations” and look at the History section gives you all the details, aforementioned. Intelligent.


Now that you can save battery on your iPhone by putting that in grascale mode. Trust me, it really helps a lot to save battery life. Just need basic functionality from your iPhone, try switching to grascale mode to save power. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap on “Grayscale.”

Using the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus with one hand, you can double tap the home button to schootch content down toward the bottom of the screen. Apple simply calls this “Reachability Mode.” Remember to tap the home button, and don’t ever press it or else it’ll launch the app switcher.

Access emergency media info directly from your iPhone’s lock screen. How? If you set up a Medical ID in the Health app that comes with iOS 8, you can access medical information without having to unlock your iPhone. Tap the “Emergency” button that appears with the keyboard for entering your passcode and will see the “Medical ID” button as well on the lower left corner.

Signal strenghth cleverly shown on your iPhone. Trick here actually explains the actual signal strength on your phone rather than just the dots or bars you usually see in the upper left corner of your iPhone screen. First of all, you will need to access a hidden app on your device called “Field Test Mode”, To get that, you’ll need to open up your iPhone app and dial the following number; *3001#12345#*, including the asterisks and hashtag, and tap “Call.”

Once the Field Test Mode opens, which is mosly filled with menus of cell signal jargon that you don’t need to worry about. The tiny number in the upper left-hand corner of your iPhone, should have replaced cell signal dots. While the number can vary anywhere from -40 to -130, which will always be negative, and the closer that number is to zero. Best signal you can get would be -40, and no signal at all would show off -130.

Wanted feature is here that lets you see who’s calling even if a phone number is not in your iPhone’s contact list. With iOS 9, Apple added a new inclusion that displays the possible name of an unknown caller. If you’re receiving a phone call from someone you’ve emailed, and that person’s email address is associated with his or her phone number, it’ll pop up as a suggestion when they calls you. WoW!

By using Siri you can skip filter photos on your iPhone by date or location. Ask Siri to show your photographs from a certain time period or location. If you wanted to view the whole photos collection taken two years ago on vacation, you could say somethig like, “Show me photos from 2014 taken in Las Vegas.” It saves a lot of time since you no longer have to scroll through your list of photo library to find older images. Wait! This feature only works with the iPhones updated to iOS 9.

Launch Music app by just plugging in your earbuds. If you listen to music at the same time every morning, your iPhone will automatically know that it should launch the music app as soon as you plug your headphones in. This is another gorgeous feature that’s came with iOS 9 firmware update.

Low Power Mode can be used in certain ways to lengthen iPhone’s battery life. New addition of such feature came with iOS 9, tells your phone to cut down on some sort. Meaning it’ll stop refreshing apps in the background, pushing email, and other tiny things in order to keep your battery going.

Search for anything in iPhone search menu. Settings can help you find what you’re looking for, if your iPhone updated to iOS 9, you’ll definitely notice there’s a search bar at the top of the settings menu that helps you quickly jump to any given setup.


There are more than 25 unknown things that you can learn with your iPhone. Play with these first and stay tuned for more here.

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