25-Person Skype Group Video Calling Launches On iOS And Android

Microsoft has finally made Skype Group video calling authentcally available in the U.S. and Europe. Part of the that development has focused on overhauling and improving the consumer-facing mobile apps on iOS and Android since purchasing the company by Microsoft in 2011. Now been updated with a new group video calling experience for up to 25 people that was actually teased back in January.

Skype is also promising HD quality video and clear audio thanks to its SILK Super Wide Band codec which built with Intel and Microsoft. Took the opportunity at the turn of 2016 to announce that a group video calling feature would be coming to iOS and Android, in an errort to ensure the whole-experience on mobile was part with that of the web. Microsoft had no intention of holding itself accountable to a published released date, rather to simply get the group calling experience rejoiced and ready for the primetime before physically publishing it as an update to the relevant app stores. The update has on time started rolling out across iOS and Android today.


How it works? The feature although says that group video calling conversations can now onwards take with up to 25 participants when using the mobile apps. Those already using Skype app to take part in this type of experience will be able to send and view fullHD 1080p video quality and also make sue of the front and rear-facing cameras on the smartphone or tablet to broadcast video to other participants in the call. Skype’s new service works same as it does across PC and Mac, the individual taking at any given time will be dynamically animated and moved to a prominent position in the center of the display.


More cleverly so, Skype is also extending its ability for Skype users on mobiles to bring in non-Skype usrs to the convorsation, even if they do not have a Skype ID or Skype installed on their phones or PC. This feature was originally available for Desktop users only.

Currently in the process is the roll out of group video calling feature on mobile, begenning with the United States and Eur locations, and is of course expected to complete within a week or so, worldwide.

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