3 New Pokemon And Group Events Coming To Pokemon Go In 2017

The location-based game “Pokémon Go” became a smashing hit after it launched last year for iOS and Android, achieving over 650 million downloads. Pokémon Go although didn’t hatch out of a Poké-egg looking exactly how we know it. but Niantic recently added more Pokémon to the game, which absolutely helped it climb back to the top of the App Store.


What we have learned and detailed is about how Niantic changed the look of Pokémon Go during development, and how its past experiences helped the studio make a more accessible game. The answer is simple, as Pokémon Go is a game based on locations, so its maps is one of its major aspects and that map used to have a different look.

However, the first version of the Pokémon Go game featured a mostly white view of the world, with the player and Pokemon popping off the dull surface with bright colors. Niantic later wanted to make the map feel a bit more, well, Pokémon-y. So it made the world feel greenery, adding in vegetation.

Niantic though that it added too much of vegetation, creating a dissonance between the game map and the real-world, and settled for something in between the two styles, a mostly green map that featured simple shapes. Also Niantic wanted the map to change more based on what was happening in the real world. The game right now can change depending on it it’s day or night, but Niantic tested settings for overcast days and sunsets. Noted that Niantic hopes to add more weather interactions to the game.

Every player in the Go has an avatar, a slander, hip teenager that walks around the map, giving you the reference for your own location in the world. You got the chance to customize that avatar’s appearance, choosing things like hats, clothes, and hairstyles. But the final character’s have a Western look, Niantic’s original avatar’s appeared more like the anime-style characters you’d find in the Pokemon games and cartoon.


Reportedly it was said that Niantic hopes to add more customization options, including more ages and skin colors, in the future. This week at MWC 2017, Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed that Pokemon Go would receive three additional major updates.

According to Hanke, who expanded on what those 3 new updates for Pokemon Go would entail and when the three additional might start to roll out.

After completion of talking about Pokemon Go’s success and how the game came into being in the first place, he went into a surprising amount of detail about the future additions of the game. When asked about the new releases, Hanke answered that Niantic has scheduled a significant update for every quarter of 2017.

So if the Generation 2 update was the first new release, the next should be ready before July. What releases would it be? Hanke said that new Pokemon and new functionality will be added to the game. Niantic has learned how to make a more accessible user interface from Ingress, Hanke tipped that group competitions and cooperative play; key elements of Ingress (was first location-based mobile game). Based on the original trailer for the game, we assume at least some of these groups events will revoke around catching Legendary Pokemon.


Now that Pokemon Go is stable enough, Niantic will definitely focus on all of the features that weren’t ready for launch. We expect to hear plenty more from Hanke and hit team in the coming weeks.

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