Google Chromecast 3rd-Generation With Bluetooth To Also Feature 5GHz WiFi And More

The topic regarding the 3rd-generation Google Chromecast should also offer improved connectivity via Bluetooth and an extensive 5GHz WiFi technology. If a recent FCC filing is anything to go by, the next Chromecast with Bluetooth will feature an improved WiFi for better performance. Here are the details.

According to the latest report, Google may soon release a Chromecast with full Bluetooth support and studier WiFi connectivity. An FCC filing indicates this fraction. It was back in May that an FCC filing had initially revealed that Google was, in fact, working on a new gen. Chromecast – one which was born of similarities with the current 2nd-generation device (not Chromecast Ultra), but with the addition of Bluetooth support.

Google's next Chromecast may offer improved 5GHz WiFi connectivity

The question here is, that filing has just been amended, and as mentioned earlier, brings improvement to it’s WiFi system. Full Bluetooth support and stronger WiFi could be on the way. It seems likely that dongle will have the same design as the current version, but with Google only making internal changes.

The current version of Chromecast does include a Bluetooth chip, which is used during the setup process, but again, future iterations of the device may also offer full support for the standard and open up the streaming dongle to more flexible connectivity with other devices. While it appears though, the initial filing – Google has been working on and testing the new hardware, improving it, and adding new features where needed.

However, where new features are always welcomed, devices like Chromecast have their appeal hanging in the balance on account of the speed and fluidity of its functions and feature set. For instance, Google is altering an antenna to bolster 5GHz WiFi connections, so we could see the next version of Chromecast arrive at Google’s usual full product event alongside Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Plus unveil and possibly a smart display.

The amended filing talks about the addition of a new antenna, which should significantly boost the power of the signals thrown to the WiFi router the Chromecast is connected to. Undeniably, it’s no rocket science that measures like the significantly improve streaming speed, as well as stability when you’re accessing content via services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

It would appear, that the new device with a 5GHz antenna would be pretty much similar to the existing 2nd-gen 2015 Chromecast as far as the design is concerned. So that Google has continued using the same model number as the older one; NCC-1701, albeit appended with “B” for documentation and legal purposes.

Last but not least, it would also appear to be an existing budget device for TV owners, especially with the addition of Bluetooth LE, which spells possible support for gaming controller and even a remote control (voice control hopefully); something that at times causes potential buyers to look elsewhere as a dedicated remote control can hardly be replaced by your smartphone.

As we get any more details of when the updated Chromecast is likely to launch, and much more information to go by, we’ll let you know very soon. Stay tuned!

(Source: FCC)

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