4K Movie Rip From Netflix And Amazon Uploaded Online For Download

What we have actually learnt thus far is hackers will always find a new way easily to get what they want. It might take some thime, though not so quickly and could take years passing before a partcicular leak occurs, but it tends to happen evidently. This is why the latest news regarding both the Amazon and Netflix have had their 4K movie streams broken into doesn’t surprise us one bit.

About the 4K videos leaks and uploads appearing on torrent sites was a chaco pie in the sky affair, and currently there are more files showing up, which have clearing been taken from either Amazon or Netflix. First party shows are prime examples, and while 1080p versions of shows have been available for a while now, 4K has been something of a white whale. Now, with ultimate movies and TV shows appearing in 4K resolution on torrents, it’s clear not that something has cahnged somewhere.

4K Movie Rip From Netflix And Amazon Posted Online For Download

The 4K streaming releases have been although listed for a while though, with Netflix and Amazon as the two key vendors in this market was thought to be as secure as these things get. Until now, the copy protection used by these streams, HDCP 2.2. It’s not really clear whether that security has been hijacked or if the content is walking out of offices by some other means, but nevertheless it’s happening, there’s a little denying that these TV shows and movie rips are now popping up in ultra-HD from more regularly.

Although online streams are always well protected against breaches. The High-Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (HDCP) version 2.2 or higher is still believed to be secure today, but there are signs that pirates have found a way to bypass the protection. Earlier this year the foremost 4K Netflix leak surfaced, later went quite. Today, it has changed, as many more releases started to appear online.

It doesn’t mean that downloaders are going to get substantially better picture quality just because the resolution is higher, even with the file size ballooning as a result of those extra lines. Often poor original feeds from Amazon and Netflix as well as poor re-encoding can result in less-than-exceptional picture quality, but if you’re torrenting the thing, we’re sure yu can understand the futility in complaining about such things.

The releases include Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle as well as the recent pilots Edge, Good Girls Revolt, Highston, One Mississippi
and Patriot. Another series of high-profile 4K leaks adds Netflix’s Jessica Jones. As with the other rips the file-sizes are much larger than traditional HD-releases, well over 10 gigabytes for a single episode.

amazon4kpilotsNetflix’ Jessica Jones 4k leaks

However, the numbers are likely to take advantage of these 4K TV shows or movie rips is relatively low, it’s still early days for ultra-HD. Give it some time, may ben years and who knows where we will be.

(Source: TorrentFreak)

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