The Best New Camera Features In iOS 11 For iPhone Unlocked

Apple has announced a ton of new features in iOS 11, but we have our best ones which are discovered in the Camera app. Otherwise they’re not huge features though, but nevertheless much appreciated to anyone who’s even taken a Live Photo or portrait, or over to those who’ve needed to scan a QR code so quickly.

Although iPhone 7 Plus users have received the new photo-friendly features specifically who get the benefit of a dual-lens setup, the rest of these Camera upgrades are items most of us can experience in iOS 11. These new features range from new filters and effects to better file size management and more lively photos all around.

1. Users Can Scan QR Codes Directly

The iOS Camera app will finally be able to recognize QR codes within iOS 11. Discovered in the first new update to the Camera app in iOS 11 is the addition of a built-in QR code scanner. In the developer beta it has been affirmed that Apple’s iOS 11 promises to be a big upgrade for shutterbugs as well. QR codes aren’t exactly popular within the US, but you will find them every so often when out and about. And when you find them, you’ll be able to scan them directly within the Camera app instead of having to download a third-party app to do so.

Not the only thing the Camera app is able to scan QR codes from billboards, poster, and flyers, but it’ll also be able to scan QR codes from other mobile phones or tablets, and of course on computer screens. Unlike what you do on Android, you don’t have to make the QR code fit perfectly within a square or right under a red line. It will scan just fine as long as the QR code is visible no matter what angle it’s scanned from. Don’t miss: 32-Bit Apps No longer be Supported In iOS 11

Note: In any reason you don’t like the Camera scanning QR codes automatically do so, you can disable this in Settings > Camera, where you toggle off “Scan QR Codes.” Also, you can Share your Wi-Fi with Friends And Nearby Devices in iOS 11

2. There Are New Compression Methods

The Camera app in iOS 11 has been updated to support high-efficiency video coding (HEVC), meaning that it supports up to 2x better compression, but the video quality will not go down. Perhaps the most appreciated feature will be the new compression methods for photos and videos in iOS 11.

According to Apple, your photographs and video clips shall remain at the same quality and clarity, while using half the amount of storage space as before. This should prevent users from running out of storage space as quickly while being able to share more members than before.

For videos, there’s HEVC at H.265 instead of H.264, and for photos, there’s HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File Format). To make sure you’re taking use of this, just go to Settings > Camera > Formats and make sure “High Efficiency” is checked, Videos will be saved as HEVC .MOV files, whereas images should be saved as .HEIC instead of .JPG.

These new formats are just only for devices with the Apple A10 chip, so for iPhones, that means the iPhone 7 models. Older devices with A9 chip can decode them after all. Right now, this is the fact to learn.

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3. You Can Edit & Add Effects to Live Photos

Now that Live Photos are also editable so you can trim the video loops. Taking photographs has always been difficult, especially if you’re taking a pic of more than one person. The shot you got was the capture you were stuck with (unless you happen to have the time to take a bunch, or used Burst to give you more choices).

Then Apple introduced Live Photos, which dynamically changed the way Apple users were able to share moments and memories with one another. However, Live Photos didn’t come with any big modification tools to edit or play around with the animation aspect.

But seriously, Apple has don spectacularly with the new editing tools and effects in iOS 11. You can also select the key photo, mute the Live Photos, create loops, Bounce the Live Photos (reverse the animation) and easily set up Long Exposure and more. You can now pick the still image in a Live Photo, trim the animation, add loop, or live exposure effects and share them more effortlessly.

And these are nothing more Photo features, you can get access all these great features from the Camera app too.

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4. Portrait Mode Got More Functionality

In iOS 11, Apple adds OIS, Flash & HDR support to Portrait mode on the iPhone. Arguably the most impressive aspect of the 7 Plus is its dual-lens rear camera, or better yet, the Portrait mode that comes with it. The iPhone 7 Plus’s camera setup is fairly popular. Owners of the 7 Plus should be somewhat happy to hear that Portrait mode is getting an impressive upgrade.. Starting with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to flash finally being enabled, as well HDR compatibility.

The blurred out background effect of Portrait mode should now look more gorgeous at nighttime since you’ll be able to use the LED flash. If HDR (high dynamic range photography) is enabled, then your iPhone will combine images to get you the mostly better than ever vibrant and detailed shots possible.

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5. Are Fresh Camera Filters Worthwhile

Filters seem to be all the rage these days; Everyone’s depending on, from Instagram to Snapchat to WhatsApp and Kik Messenger. While Apple doesn’t exactly have the same sort of social and festive filters in their Camera app, but they do have filters now that change the mood and feel.

Some of those new filters look very similar to the old ones though, only with different names, they are slightly better. The new filters include Vivid and Dramatic, along with a couple of variances that either increase or decrease warmth of the picture. Less blue for a warmer picture, more blue for a cooler picture. And also see a couple of old filters such as Chrome and Instant disappear in iOS 11.

While iOS 11 is still in beta, the Camera app seems to function almost flawlessly. We should see more improvements and updates in upcoming weeks, so be sure to check out and see what else Apple has to offer in the upcoming days. Until then, try all of the aforementioned titbits on the camera and know what changes iOS 11 bringing with it inside camera and photography features.

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