A Moto Device With Model Number XT1755 Hits The FCC

A new Moto device with the model number Xt1755 has recently hit the FCC certification website, and though the device is not referred to be a codename or an official name that’s to be used for the handset once it launches. This isn’t the first device with a similar model number appears to show up at the U.S. regulatory office in document filings. Here;s everything you need to check out.

Details in the FCC documents for the Moto XT1755 doesn’t show a whole lot, but the FCC label location does appears to show the general shape of a smartphone that seems to carry at least one similar design trait of Lenovo‘s more recent Moto range of devices, which is a big camera sensor on the back. In the same FCC label location document you ca see a larger circular shaped section towards the top which resembles the size and shape of the rear-facing camera modules on devices like the recently launched Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus. Here are the details on the two new devices: Moto G5 And G5 Plus Launched Officially: Specs, Features, Price And Release Date


On a diagram of the label itself, you can also see the model number listed as XT1755, pretends like the variant of the XT1750 already showed up last month, and it also lists “16GB” which likely suggests that it has 16 gigabytes of internal storage. When the XT1750 appeared at the FCC last month, the same label could be seen for that device in particular only listed “8GB” instead, which again would likely suggest its internal storage amount – could be of 8GB.

Almost a week after the XT1750 passed through FCC some of the specifications were leaked into wild, also noted that the device had a 5-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 854-by-480, which undoubtedly pointing to the device being the latest version of the Moto E, which is the entry-level device series that sits below the Moto G line of devices. It was also listed as having 1GB of RAM, which exactly fitting of a Moto E type variant though.

Finally, in this case if the XT1755 could be an additional version of the new Moto E with more internal storage. And, it’s been a while since a new version of Moto E was released, so Lenovo and the Motorola‘s Moto team are due for a couple of new additions to be franchise of phones, soon.

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