A Range Of New Samsung QLED TVs Launched In Paris, Price, Release Date [Details]

Here’s everything when you ask for what is QLED. At a launch event in Paris, Samsung officially announced the global launch of its new range of QLED TVs – first showcased at CES 2017 this year.

Samsung QLED TV
The latest is the next-generation Quantum Dot TVs, which are nano-sized particles that turn lights into color. The QLED technology rely on the LED backlight, in order to allow for darker blacks, and brighter whites. With the new QLED TVs capable of hitting brightness levels between 1500 and 2000 nits.

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Moreover, the Samsung’s new range of QLED TVs support 100 percent color volume, meaning that they are capable of reproducing accurate colors even at a very low or very high brightness levels. Although we’ve seen Quantum Dot technology in some previous Samsung LED-backlit LCD TVs, but this is a new technology with improvements, stability and effeciency that brings its new range QLED TVs.

It’s something like Samsung answer, betting big on QLED to the rivals used OLED such as LG, and more recently, Sony on their flagship televisions. Stephane Cotte, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics France, said at the launch event:

“Quantum Dot is the best technology to delivery HDR images.” Samsung’s range of QLED TVs in 2017 UHD lineup come with support for HDR 10 plus, featuring dynamic tone mapping for improved viewing experience. Furthermore, the QLED TVs also promises consistent colors irrespective of the viewing angle.

Smart TV interface

Samsung is working on tweaking the software that the new QLED TVs ship with. The company says that it aims to provide a unified experience across all apps and services as well as devices, and the screen that you see when you power on your TV – which will pull in content from all sorts. Asd one would expect, the TV comes with voice control, including the ability to search for content across various online services. This means you will all be able to, say, ask the TV to play Seinfeld episodes without worrying about whether it’s on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime video.

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Another new refresh the range of new QLED TVs brings with it is that users also be able to control the TV using the Samsung Smart View app for Android and iOS, or can simply cast videos from your phone to your Samsung QLED TV. The new models come with Samsung TV Plus services and a music service powered by Shazam, it also include recommendations from sources like Spotify and Deezer.

Samsung One Remote

You can connect all your boxes – set-top box, media players, gaming consoles etc. to the Samsung One Connect Box. Using Samsung One Remote, you will be able to control all your devices, like a magic remote. There’s lot more to learn, for that you have to visit the official Samsung’s website here.


Models and Availability

Samsung has announced 12 QLED TVs across its Q7, Q8, and Q9 range. With screen sizes between 49-and 88-inches, though, exact availability of models may vary depending on regions. The Q9 and Q8 series will feature TVs with flat and curved panels, while the Q7 range includes both curved and flat panels respectively.

Samsung QLED TVs Are
Now up for pre-order in the US and some European countries, with shipping date later this month. Prices for the Samsung QLED TVs starting at $2,799.99 (approximately Rs. 1.85 lakhs) in the US. Likely to see the launch in India in May this year, though the company hasn’t given any time frame or which models will be available in the country.

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