About iPhone Accessories: Innerexile Hydra Self-Healing Case For iOS Smartphones

Bumpers and case covers these days are very much required and that too capable of self-healing, which utilizes the patended coating that “heals” itself from light scratches is a bit giveaway for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones. Hydra is one of the latest cases released by Innerexile, has the ability to heal itself much like how the self healing back on the LG G Flex and Flex 2 work. For iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Innerexile Hydra cases are now available for purchase. Bet you won’t be missing it at all.

It is a transparent self-healing protective case that utilizes the patended coating and is indeed tested aginst 1000g bronze brush, and its flexible and have comfortable grip, because it uses a highly resillent material that maintains the case. Innnerexile Hydra is also made available in three transparent colors.

Innerexile is a Tawanese company that creates products with the main agenda of improving your experience with modern electronics. From scratch resitant screen protector, to uniquely designed cases and pkeripherals for Apple devices. Each piece of case is design to make your life a little easier.

Design wise, the case for iPhone 6, or 6 Plus is quite light and slim. While increasing the thickness only marginally, this Hydra case isn’t meant to offer protection from falls and bumps but also protects from light scratches that appear when in your pocket or putting it on table or inside your desk. The Hydra case covers comes in translucent plastic material in three different shades – White, Black and Pink – all are transparent.


Now the downside of this Hydra case from Innerexile is that is being a transparent bumper that shows off dust particles inside the case,  it prompts us to clean the phone and case thus improving the phone’s hygiene. In fact the added bulk actually helps us a bit sice it brings the protruding camera lens on the same level as the case itself. Basically means that metal scraping against the case upto said amount can be healed.

Tested to self-heal except in the case of one particularly sharp key and it depends on the angle at which it hits the case. And finally its a self-healing case that can only heal light scratches and such caused by knifes or other really sharp material does cause scratches, won’t. But in some cases they do fade away a bit but not completely.


Protection for your iPhone is great and for the top and bottom, but you have to notice that it doesn’t have much protection on its buttom, which is unprotected for the major part, so you should be careful though. Point here to note is its a slef healing Innerexile Hydra case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, where the scratches can be healed by itself.


  • Lightweight case constructed for iPhone 6
  • “Self-Healing” Cases that causes fine scratches to disappear. (Tested against 750g Steel Brush)
  • Highly resilient material
  • Light, compact, and crystal clear
  • Free access to all ports and easy assembly.

The Innerexile Hydra self-healing cases for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are available on Amazon website and interested ones can make their purchase.

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