About Samsung And KDDI Partnership In Creating Next-Gen 5G Technologies

Samsung has recently announced that it will be developing its new 5G technologies collaborating with KDDI, which although had partnred with to create the innovative 3G and 4G LTE tech in the past. The South Korean electronics has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for joint development of common views on next generation 5G with Japanese telecommunications operator. When we look the past, both the Samsung and KDDI companies continue thier more than decade long history of successful collabration.

The partnership between Samsung and KDDI will help increase speed of 5G development, with both the companies leveraging their expertise in mobile networks. “KDDI is already committed to providing high-qiality network performance and superior user experience to our customers,” said Yoshiaki Uchida, Managing Executive Officer, Technology Sector, Member of the Board at KDDI. Also said “by continuing to work closely with Samsung, we will study the innovations in 5G that are needed to keep up with consumer demand for our mobile network.”

The collaboration to build 5G will focus on the research and validation of technologies most critical to the future and on the developments that will have the most impact first, where both Samsung and KDDI will be prepared for next-generation 5G telecommunications.

DongSoo Park, Executive VP and Head of Research of Networks Business at Samsung said:

Over the past 10 years, Samsung Electronics and KDDI have introduced the most advanced CDMA and LTE technologies to the Japanese market, We have worked together to drive innovation in 3G and 4G, and this track record of achievement makes us confident and excited about what we can provide in 5G era to end-users.”

Samsung on the other hand will be actively engaged in a range of key global 5G research initiatives and leads multiple collaborative projects with its industries partners, academic partners and telecom operators around the world. It has played an important role as the chair of sub-working group for future IMT(5G) Vision in ITU-R WP5D, as well as a rapporteur on 3GPP 5G channel model SI for above 6GHz. Samsung is also said been leading and participating EU flagship 5G PPP projects of Horizon 2020.


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