Apple Releases Lightning To SD Card Camera Reader With USB 3.0 Speeds On iPad Pro, iPhones With iOS 9.2

Newly released Apple’s improved Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader comes with some additional benefits for those with an iPad Pro, as well as support for iPhones as long as they are running the latest released iOS 9.2, or over. Apple is really on a roll today with hardware and software releases left and right, making product releases that when new accessories are released they almost slip under the radar.

Unlike the Apple’s first and official iPhone 6s / 6 Smart battery Case, this new Lighting to SD Card Camera Reader isn’t entirely a new product, but it represents more of a continuation of an existing accessory line that was initially introduced to be an iPad-specific piece of kit and has the exact same visuals and pricing point. With that said, it does come with one distinct difference; it now supports faster USB 3.0 transfer speeds, meaning that it will greately appeal to iPad Pro users because iPad Pro supports USB 3.0 speeds through its Lightning port.

The iPad Pro’s Lightning port discovered it supports USB 3.0 transfer speeds, allowing for data transfer speeds upwards of 60MB/s to a theoretical max of 625MB/s. All other iPads and iPhones can only transfer data at USB 2.0 speeds of around 25 to 35MB/s, since only the iPad Pro has the necessary hardware — a Fresco Logic FL1100 4-port USB 3.0 Host Controller.

The functionality offered by the reader is also fairly identical to the product that it replaces in Apple’s accessory lineup. Usage of the hardware affords owners with the ability to read and import photos and videos loaded onto a compatible SD card directly from the card onto a connected Apple tablet. Owners of iPad can then view and edit the files directly before choosing to save or store them or apply the changes directly back to the SD card housed in the handy little reader.

Those who own the new iPad Pro, this accessory will appeal rather than masses and as well as Apple Pencil there, having an accessory of this nature supporting the faster data speeds can significantly improve productivity when it matters.

Those having an upgraded Lightning port that ships with the iPad Pro with USB 3.0 support will more benefit from the improved data transfers found within, rather than owning an older iPad. The new Lighting to SD Card Camera Reader carries the model number MJYT2AM/A, while the model number for the older accessory which was released back in 2012, is MD822ZM/A.

Notably, Apple has not updated its Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or other accessories to support the iPad Pro’s USB 3.0 speeds, but multiple sources have previously confirmed that adapters are in works. The adapter is compatible with all iOS devices sporting the Lightning port, including the iPhones, meaning you can import videos and photos to your iPhone via USB using this accessory.

To use Lightning to SD Card Reader with an iPhone, you will definitely need to update to the latest iOS 9.2 firmware.

The adapter is available from Apple right now for $29.

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