Apple Unleashes New Powerbeats2 Earphones In Apple Watch Sport Colors

Apple has silently refreshed the Powerbeats2 wireless earphones which has been one of among all of the announcements coming out of WWDC last week. Somewhat the custodian of once the aquisition of Beats was completed. Thanks to the introductions of iOS 9, OS X 10.11 and watchOS 2, and not to mention the Apple Music service that had been rumored ever since the aquisition of Beats Music and Beats Electronics for $3 billion. Nevertheless, Apple managed to sneak one product update without any fanfare, and that is Powerbeats2 in-ear headphones that actually launched in June last year, around the same time that the oft-mentioned acquisition was underway.

Now that Apple releases a new set of colors for the Beats Powerbeats2, still priced at $199 using the same bluetooth wireless technology. New earphones are essentially identical to the ones debuted last year, but with one big difference – the color variants on offering. Starting this past Monday, Powerbeats2 wireless in-ear earphones will now be available in new black, white, green and pink in addition to the original four colors in which iot is still available to grab. Familiar with the Powerbeats2 colors? Exactly same shades the Apple Watch Sport bands come in. Everyone loves a spot of accessoring, do they not?

The new wireless in-ear headphones have begun showing up in Apple’s retail stores, where the Powerbeats2 are being given a significant amount of promotional space. Still there is more to a pair of earphones than the colors that they come in, but with Powerbeats2 that may not be the case. The Beats brand of ear and headphones are known for being more of a fashion accessory than high-end audio equipment and that jives well with the new colors now avaialble.

Although Powerbeats2 have received mixed reviews over the past year, which don’t quite hit the spot for audio fans, and these headphones come with a set of ear tips in various shapes and sizes, and the listening experience appears to vary significantly for many users depending on which tips are used. Although, the Beats product connect wirelessly to a wide variety of devices, including the first – iPhones, iPads, and now the Apple Watch, which has the ability to store music on the wrist-wearable for playback via Bluetooth and serve aduquately as an excersise tracker under cetain circumstances even without a paired iPhone present.

Wireless Powerbeats2 earphones are proving to be a popular accessory for Apple Watch owners and something Apple has clearly chosen to capitalize on with the new colors. Now Apple and Beats have you covered with these new Powerbeats2 wireless.

(Source: Apple Store)

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