Best Case For iPhone Secretly Record Phone Calls Using Its Own Mic and Storage

If you think about recording a phone call which many go by to have it for a good reason and that’s a kind of thing that you may only need once, and not being able to do so can lead to all kinds of untold misery. Need to record a call on an iPhone is something that could be beneficial for you, then you really want to check this new case for iPhone right now.

Available for $29 as part of an Indiegogo campaign – hoping to raise $30,000 in order to get started, the “JIC” calling recording case actually placed as a self-contained device that doesn’t connect to the iPhone at all, that’s why what makes it so useful. How?

Just In iPhone Case has a well-placed microphone, capable of capturing both your voice and that of the other caller and then saving the call as an MP3 to the already included 2GB SD card. Buyers of this iPhone case, can put their own, larger card in there should they say fit up to 128GB, but given the fact that is an audio we’re recording, we recommend 2GB is plenty for most.

In this case, iPhone users can not only record audios but it also timestamps it for later retrival, and the Just In Case only has two buttons, making it super easy to use. One botton on the iPhone case let you start/stop recording, whereas the other is to initiate playback through a speaker on the back of the JIC iPhone case. There’s a rechargeable battery included that is said to be playing its best part flushing 8 hours of use.

Early $29 pricing is not hefty, and interested in recording calls using Just In Case iPhone case that you might want to do in future, now would be a good time to get your order in before the price goes high up the sky.

JIC for iPhone is available in Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, white, and green case colors, specifically designed for 5 and above till 6s, and will start shipping in May 2016.

(Source: Indiegogo)

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