Get Mi Band For Rs. 1 Only, Here’s How To Win [Register Now]

Lucky registered users will get a chance to buy the Mi Band, and 1000 of them will be able to get the Xiaomi Band for just Rs 1. On May 2, Xiaomi has come up with an offer, where you can have Mi Band at Re 1. Offer valid for 1000 units. At an event in New Delhi, Xiaomi organized a keynote for their two big launches, Xiaomi Mi 4i and Mi Band. Stay tuned!


Actually Xiaomi Mi Band giveaway is only to make people aware of their health using it as its a fitness tracker and that is the reason why they introduced such concept to sell first 1000 Mi Bands for Re. 1.

Everyone at the event was targeted on Mi 4i but still the introduction of the Mi Band makes some sense though. How it works, was shown and available at that range is something you won’t be denying.

What is Mi Band?

Simply it’s a health band not anything like any smart watch on which you can attend call or share file or listen to music, but the Mi Band works according to your body language and collects the data of your daily excersises like running, walking, sleeping and many more. The Mi band is very silky and smooth, nevertheless not much hick, which makes it a bad in look but still this fitness band has a plus point which force you to buy Mi Band. Waterproof and dust resistant, and it got the temper to fix on your wrist as a wearable.

How To Get Mi Band For 1 Rupee

Process for buying Xiaomi Mi Band for Re. 1 is very simple. All you need is to simply visit the website of from here. Click on the tab named “Mi Band” and it will now ask you to make your registration of Mi Band. Simpy fill the form with credentials and wait until the sales go live.


You should register Mi Band before May 5, which already started on April 28 and ends on May 4 12:00 PM.

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