Google Glass 2 Will Be IPx7 Water Resistant, Rugged And Foldable, Enterprise Edition

It’s an enterprise edition of Google Glass wearable that we heard about in the past few weeks ago. Information on Google Glass 2 tipped at designed for business purposes and will debut as the Enterprise edition for workplace.

Google Glass Explorer Edition
What it said was the Google Glass 2 will be integrated with a larger prism display and will apparently feature an Intel Atom CPU, as well as improved battery life over the first-generation Google Glass. According to the recent news, report claims that Google Glass 2 will be more over rugged and be water resistant than the current generation Glass version and one of the major new design changes hints at its foldable like a normal pair of eye-glasses.

The wearable will look pretty similar to what the original Gogle Glass Explorer Edition does, though the device will be more rugged enough. Overall, it is specifically design for the workplace, rather than a consumer edition model. If you weren’t in the Explorer Program, you might not even notice that it’s a different Glass, has a band that stretches around the forehead, going back around the left ear. First glance is a robust hinge mechanism that allows the computer and battery modules to fold down like a regular pair of glasses, and a hinge for folding down the left side of the band as well.

Considering the device is being built with the Glass for Work groups in mind, 5 GHz support was almost certainly added to benefit the Glass video streaming applications so widely used in the workplace.No other details regarding the Google Glass 2 edition has revealed, or any time rrame for the device launch have been confirmed as yet.

As soon as we get any information about the Google Glass 2, we’ll update it here. Stay tuned!


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