Google Introduces New Limited Edition Skrillex Live Cases For Android Devices

Own any flagship Android device and want to keep them really clean and fresh as scratch-free in you agenda, then this latest project from Google might help you in some point alongside its partners as well. As part of a collaboration with musician Skrillex, Google has launched a limited number of cases for popular Android devices known as the “Edition” range. Ordinary protective case cover though, the accessory also comes with an accompanying live wallpaper beamed directly from above the earth by a satelite ballon named after the mugician’s blog. Details on how much Google’s Skrillex case costs can be grabbed right after this jump.


Cases, of which we’ll talk first. Any purchase of one of the limited run of Edition cases will also come with a stunning live wallpaper to match the aesthetic of the bought case. Unlike other Live Wallpapers that we’ve seen, this particular purchase will introduce a live feed of images of the earth at night as captured by the satellite “Nanou“, which is named after Srillex‘s dog, will also serve up constellation images for a particular location that is derrived from the GPS data of the device locality that the case is used on.

The limited edition cases will be available for sale, offered in sizes to offer compatibility with the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, and the soon-to-be-replaced Galaxy Note 4. Google hoping that this little side project will appeal to the young generation due to the involvement of Skrillex – one of the best electronic dance music producer, extremely popular around the global club scene. On popular Android devices, these cases will also feature a choice of three unique designs that have been designed by Skrillex himself.

Offering with the limited Edition Skrillex case goes wild wild west. Every purchase of one of the Edition case will also come with a free-of-chrage music album download as well as the ability to navigate directly to Skrillex‘s YouTube channel via a hardware button on the case itself. Apart on top, if you purchase a case and follow the @Android Twitter account then there’s a chance you could also Win the actual Nauno satellite ballon that is feeding the images back from above the earth.

Google has launched new limited Edition smartphone cases with Grammy-winning producer, Skrillex. Exclusively available via the Google Play Store – here – and will be offered until the end of June or until supplies are depleted.

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