HTC Cello Is An Android Auto Competitor Which HTC Tipped To Be Working On; Details

If the specuated news is accurate then HTC is working on an alternative car system to compete with Android Auto prototype. According to the news came from Reddit, it claims that the Taiwanese based company is also be calling its in-car system as ‘HTC Cello.’ More details on the HTC’s Android Auto rival can be checked after this jump.

Is HTC working on Android Auto competitor “HTC Cello”?
HTC is evidently looks like developing its own answer to Android Auto, and the codenamed project is called Cello, which is more capable than Google’s in-Car system. HTC Release Note is also uploaded, which can be shared below.

Unlike Android Auto, HTC Cello will also be integrated into your Car’s dashboard, which includes features like Night Vision, Sonar, Mini HMI (Human Machine Interface), DVD, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Lane Departure Wraning System, Navigation and GPS and surprisingly, some of these capabilities are not made available with the Android Auto.

It’s said that the device will be powered by Android 4.4 KitKat and runs a special version of HTC Sense UI, dubbed Sense Automotive – exclusively made for Cars. In order to join the automotive race technically, should have the best to compete with the current Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s new CarPlay, which are available in the market to purchase and integrate.

Missed this, about what users revealed regarding the HTC Cello device, which was previously codenamed Autobot, and said it has been in testing since Q4 of 2014. Now, it is inddeed to be called as HTC Cello.

What do you think about the new arrival of Android Auto substitute? Could HTC Cello breaks the record in the automobile industry? Share your thoughts!

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