Image Of Purported Samsung Galaxy S6 With A Spigen Case Leaks

Alleged images of the South Korean electronics upcoming smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S6 surfaced online courtesy of Spigen. Most popular manufacturer of Mobile accessories in Korea has already listed several case covers for the yet to be announced smartphone on Amazon.


Although there’s fire where there is an unannounced phone, there’s case maker to leak it. The Galaxy S6 comes to that listing with rumors building up and more detailed as the MWC nears and lot of them talking about its back.

Few days ago, a leaked image showed a case very similar to that of what the Galaxy S5 Active case, but for Galaxy S6 a bit different. Case with a variety of arrangements made for the LED flash and heart rate sensor. Making it easier to postion your index finger over the HR sensor. Or else it could be a Photoshop stunt, or a concept and not the real accessory.

Alleged Galaxy S6 Case – Below
Now that yet another case maker in Korean region, called itself Spigen comes with the latest images of Samsung Galaxy S6 case. If the leaked images are to be believed, Galaxy S6 will have the same back texture as of the Galaxy S5. Case in doubt, but revealed when the device debuts on March 2 at MWC 2015. Expected that the handset is all certain to feature an all-metal body.

The back panel image of the Galaxy S6 case listing posted by Spigen shows the rear camera accompanied by the dual-LED flash placed on the right side, instead of being below the camera as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

While the case maker’s product page listing point to an imminent mid-April availability for the Samrtphone. Two of the accessories are gonna be in stock to purchase on April 13.


Considering Spigen’s track record in revealing devices before their launch through product listings, still got little room to doubt and the credibility of the renders above. The company has already leaked number of high-end devices in the past such as Google Nexus 5 and the Apple’s iPhone 6.

Specifications wise, the Samsung Galaxy S6 include Exynos 7420 SoC with an octa-core CPU, 5.2-inch QHD display, 3GB RAM, 20MP camera. Launching in Barcelona at MWC 2015 keynote in March.

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