This Galaxy S6 Case Adds microSD Card Slot, Doubles Battery Life Either

Here’s a new smartphone case that not only brings additional battery life to Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone flagships of Samsung, but also allows the use of an microSD card for extra storage space as well. Believe it or not, it really helps you bringing extra power and memory to your smartphones.

Cases, pretty much used to get rid of scratches and bumps and all in all to be trying to keep your phone safe when you inevitably drop it, and then they became something of a fashion statement. Samrtphone cases, nowadays are particularly suited of housing batteries, allowing smartphones to last longer in-between charges. Like the new Incipio Offgrid case for Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge takes things a little further, though.

However, the uninspired looks of the case can be misleading, because it doesn’t look like much, it does contain a 3700mAh battery that should see smartphone within last a while longer even after its own battery have given up its power, but while that may e enough for most, Incipio has gone one step ahead by adding a place for users to insert a microSD card (supports 128GB), giving Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge owners the ability to bump their phone’s storage up by as much as an extra 128 GB. If you admit Samsung’s decision not to put SD card port in its flagship phones, then Incipio has your backup.

Costing $89.99, take advantage of the extra storage all that is needed is for the case to be used and a card interted before flipping a switch which makes the whole thing live. Do that, and you’re got yoyrself some additional room for all those selfies. Clever indeed!

You can now buy Incipio Offgrid case for $89.99 from the official website and you can grab it in just one color – black. Incipio will even ship the Offgrid out of any US address for free, so make it fast to get ordering if extra battery life and storage sounds like something your S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge could benefit from. Samsung, look at this new tech in case.

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