This iPhone Screen Protector Heals Scratches With In Seconds [Video]

Now that we have different variants of iPhones hands-on and from the past till today we have although witnessed the launch of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in the recent times. Inside the retail-box of an iPhone, you’ll find screen gaurds to protect your phone’s display, but that’s not enough. So the folks here came up with the self-healing iPhone case, with something a lot more impressive architecture. Claims that Innnerexile’s latest technology could repair light scratches within just a second.

In the past the same technology used to remove scratches within about half a minute. Seriously, you’ve to study very hard to witness that brief magical moment, which evidently proved to be tricky in our brass brush test video after the break.

Watch this iPhone screen protector heal scratches within a second

Watch the secret sauce behind this new coating. However, it’s dotted with microcapsules that contain an adhesive-like liquid, and when the iPhone screen is damaged, the liquid will fill the void so quickly that you won’t probably realize you’ve just scratched your case or screen protector.

How to use this new coating? Innerexile’s first products “Self-reapir screen protectors” for the iPhone 6s and iPhhone 6s Plus are here. These come in at just 0.2mm thick, have a hydro-oleophobic coating (likely to leave fingerprints) and totatlly compatible with 3D Touch.

About benchmarks, these self-healing phone screen protectors can apparently resist brass brush weight of up to 2 kilograms, which is indeed twice as musch as the previous version and at least four times as much as the LG G Flex 2‘s back cover. It’s is also said that a 3kg version coming up and the technology is already verified by SGS.

You can buy Innerexile’s iPhone 6s screen protector directly from the most popular e-commerce site, available on Amazon. Priced at $23.99. For the iPhone 6s Plus version you have to pay a little extra cost of $2, which is priced at $26. Both are backward compatible with their iPhone 6 counterparts as though.

If you prefer to use this case with the same self-healing property, stay tuned for another unveil in mid-November, as Innerexile decided to make a new tolling to ensure a perfect fit for a bit-larger iPhone 6s series. Other brands may claim their iPhone 6 cases fit the 6s just fine, but a forced squeeze – may evidently ruin the phone’s anodized coating, so be careful before purchasing such.


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