Meet Boost Band: The First Wearable Mobile Charger Hits The Power Bank Wristaband Shelves

Mobile battery packages are great inventions in today’s technical world with our tendency to carry around more and more kit needs extra power. Have you ever imagined about a wrist band that could happen to charge your phone, tablets and even wearable watches, which all needs juice regularly having a little brick that you can use to charge them at any given moment can be both useful and liberating in equal measure. Such one have arrived.


Enter Boost Band, a mobile battery charging sultion that is currently up on Kickstarter, looking for crowd-funding at $30,000 jumpstart. With just over a month to do it, it’s likely to happen too.


The kick startup with the Boot Band is that it’s a battery pack that kicker wear around your wrist. With Smartwatches and fitness bands already fixing our writs with more technology and rubber than we ever though possible, is there really room for something else? Maybe an ankle? If you don’t want to have to worry about power anymore then its the best place going to have to find some room.


Packs a 1500mAh unit, the battery package actually looks quite fetching, and the Kickstarter project currently offers both black and turquoise if you choose to pledge up $20 front. With that includes shipping and if we’re honest, the price isn’t too huge or a bad one to go with.


With 1,500mAh battery capacity combined band has two sections on the top and bottom which houses the add-ons (batteries). Downside here is that the Boost Band doesn’t come with a microUSB cable or a lightning connector on board, which apparently means that you need to carry your own cable for charging.

Note: The product will start retailing in September and is expected to be priced at $19.99. And this Boost Band cannot literally replace a power bank or a charger anymore, but it’s good to have a stop gap arrangement which ensures that your phone doesn’t die out of dried charging, before it is plugged to a charger.

(Source: Kickstarter)

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