Meizu Launches 10000mAh Power Bank With Two-Way Fast Charging and Depth-VR CardBoard-Like Initiative

Meizu at MX5 launch event in China also introduced a massive 10000mAh Power Bank portable charging kit with an elegant design and which almost promises to lead up to 93% charging conversion rate. Details on what the new Power Bank from Meizu brings with it can be found right after this jump.

With tow-way fast charging, 10000mAh Power Bank launched by Meizu, which the addition let you chrage the power bank pretty quickly and also able to charge the newly announced Meizu MX5 with mCharge  faster-charging support, up to 58% in just 30 minutes and 100% in 83 minutes time period.

Now that Meizu’s Power Bank becomes a big competitor amongst the OnePlus’s and Xiaomi’s 10,000mAh power bank units. It has built-in with lithium-ion polymor batteries manufactured by the Chinese cell maker ‘Amperex’ Technology Limited (ALT), which also supplies batteries for Apple devices.

The Meizu 10000mAh Power Bank has a power LED indicator along with micro-USB charging port and a full USB port. Got 11 stages of protection and measures in at 143.5mm x 75.4mm x 17.4mm. Supports 5V-2A or 9V/12V-2A input and 5V-2A output for normal charging and 9V-2A / 12V-1.5A output for fast charging.

Meizu also shows off Depth-VR, vs. Google Cardboard-like Virtual Reality board. Priced at 49 Yaun (Chinese) which is cost $8 in the US. Goes on sale in China from July, and where the power bank with 10000mAh power charger is priced at 149 Yuan (US$24). Available for pre-oder through crowdfunding in on in China. Global roll out is expected very soon.

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