Micromax Yu Launches HealthYU Cassette And YuFit Fitness Band; Details

Just after launching Yu Yuphoria smartphone in India exclusively on Amazon.in, Micromax subsidairy Yu Televentures has introduced us with its fitness band and health-related cassette as a whole. More details on what actually the YuFit band and HealthYU cassette got, can be grabbed right after this fold.

YuFit is the Yu’s first fitness band and said its just not like a health and fitness tracking band, rather its a real lifestyle companion, which it has a small OLED display that imminently shows the time, the number of steps, etc. It is powered by healthifyme – a Bangalore-based company invested in recently to bring this technology on YuFit band.


How it works? YuFit shows the distance you walked, number of calories you burnt when on walk, also tracks your sleep and offers notifications for incoming calls and SMS messages on the go, all these happens when installed YuFit app, evidently lets you enter the food you eat and calculate the calories you have consumed every day. Indian foods also included in the list of band tracker, and when you click on images of the food, by uploading it using the app, you’ll be able to find the numbers of calories you consumed.

The Yu’s YuFit can track your fitness activities, including group coaching,challenges, social fitness network, achievements et al. Coaches available on call to guide, listen to feedback and motivate you, which apparently lets you keep track of your weight.

YuFit Key Features

  • Wireless wristband with Display
  • Supported by a dedicated app
  • Helps set ‘Daily Goals’
  • Alter plans with ‘My Plan’ feature
  • Unified interface
  • ‘Do not disturb’ slots on the app for the band
  • Mounted LCD display to notify incoming calls
  • Integrated 24 x 7 guidance from fitness experts

You can buy YuFit priced at Rs 999. First 1000 users will get a free personal trainer guide. YuFit will be available next month via yuplaygod.com, officially.

Micromax owned Yu company has also launched an unique accessory called HealthYU cassette, which measures and monitors your health stats in real time. Monitors blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen level, heart rate, respiration rate and even ECG in real time.

HealthYU is a device that is small and sleek in style, makes it easy to attach to a smartphone’s back case cover and the data will be stored and shared with doctors instantly. The HealthYU resembles as a cassette and pairs with an app running oon the phone via Bluetooth. Once paired, users can keep their four fingers on four visible sensors on the HealthYU to get started with tracking body vitals.

The device also provides a way to set personalized reminders to take readings and for weekly or daily alerts, which the HealtYU uses a 1 Lead ECG mechanism to capture ECGs, an NTC thermistor based sensor to calculate sking temperature and reflective SpO2 tech to measure blood Oxygen saturation. Heart rate for the users can be calculated using the ECG values and the respiration rate is derived from the ECG and SpO2 values. BP is measured using a combination of calibrated and sensor based readings.

The founder of Yu, Rahul Sharma said that the company has used all the prospectives – approved sensors in the HealthYU, which is an opn platform project that can work with any smartphone running Android, iOS, Windows Phone OSes. Supports Yu app and the complete data will be stored on cloud.

HealthYU cassette is priced at Rs 4,999 and will be available to purchase next month on the company’s official website: www.yuplaygod.com

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