Oculus Announces New More Affordable Samsung Gear VR Headset For $99

The newly introduced Samsung Gear VR is a milestone for South Korean electronics and of course Oculus as well. It’s the first mobile virtual reality headset and it’s coming before Black Friday.

Developed by Samsung Electronics in collaboration with Oculus VR technologies. The new Gear VR headset looks similar to its predecessor, which it comes with a redesigned trackpad. The Samsung Gear VR is 22% lighter than the previous generation of the virtual headset, weighs only 310 grams. With accelerator, proximity and gryo sensors on board, the VR headset will be available in Froft White color.

Smartphones including the Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge+ works with Samsung Gear VR
The latest Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headset will indeed works with all the smartphones launched in whole 2015 line, and previous editions worked with either the Galaxy S6 or the Note 4. With the exception of a redesigned trackpad, which it has a D-pad-style croos that could make it easier to feel when you’re in VR. It’s also half the price of the older Gear VR. Costs $99. It will ship in November in U.S. first, and will head worldwide shortly after.

Oculus Rift, alternative virtual reality in the form of Samsung Gear VR also adds new content, which will be made available for the platform over the coming months. The content on Gear VR includes Twitch, TiVo, Netflix, Lionsgate, Hulu and gaming titles such as Minecraft.

It also has a new Gear VR Gamepad which all the Oculus Connect conference attendees will get for free, evidently features an Xbox-style dual-stick design. One point to be noted and that is, watching Netflix in Samsung Gear VR is great, but apparently it’s not social anymore. Why that?

It isn’t surprising facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg brought Oculus largely because of VR’s social potenbtial, but if you notice, Oculus has only focused on shared experiences, and it also showed off a very subtle two-viewer mode for its short VR film Lost, earilier this year. At Connect, it only expanded on this with the Medium sculpting app for the Oculus Rift. On the Samsung Gear VR, it had something more dramtic, such as streaming video apps that let people watch Twitch, Netflix, and more while sitting with their friends in virtual chairs.

The Samsung Gear VR video demos at Connect were distinctly screens first and social experiences second. Virtual reality can be a social experience, but video on the Gear VR seems great because it’s isolating. The Netflix app, for instance, is awkward to use, because of the lack of positioning tracking means the room jumps around whenever you lean back, which is the interface’s small buttons don’t feel optimized for the Gear mobile Virtual Reality and more to be considered.


The aforementioned was about Oculus’s introduction of Samsung Gear VR and its features, but we have got no word on when it’s available in India.

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