Philips Hue Web-Connected LED Lights Starter Kit With Bridge, 3 Bulbs Launched At Rs 16995

The Philips Hue is such Web-enabled home lightning technology used by the electronics lets you control LED lights wirelessly and indeed create and change the shades of the lights lightning at your wish, even if you’re not at home anyway. The Hue Start Kit comes with three Hue lamps and a bridge to control them through your smartphones or tablets compatible with Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) pltforms. More details on its package, specs and price can be checked right after this glow.

Philips Lighting has launched three new Hue Srater kit range of accessories, which includes the Hue lamps, Hue Go and Hue Beyond – the luminaire family, Friends of Hue – LightStrips and Bloom. The bridge available in the starter kit will allow the bulbs to connect to the home Wi-Fi router.

Here’s how to be connected with Hue lighting LED bulbs

Once the user have bought one of the Hue bulbs, lamps, or strips, and a bridge, will require to download the Hue app for iOS and Android on thei handset. Now, when it’s done the bulbs are supposed to be connected wirelessly to their existing holders, after which they can remotely be controlled through the installed app.

The bridge can easily be plugged into Wi-Fi router and further by using custom setiings and program timer, which helps you manage daily schedules. One can, for instance, use the Hue lamps as an alarm, and manage daily schedules among other things, including party lighting based on the music playing, based on several third-party and first-party apps.

Philips Hue app compatible with Android and iOS platforms
Users on the other hand can seemlessly set, and automate the lamps to dim, increase the lightning depending on your mood. Interesting here is that, you can even pick an image and have your living room shaded with the same colors. You, by means can also connect it to IFTTT to get you a unique notification wjen it is raining outside, and similar things amongst others.

The company has recently announced that it would be bringing its Hue smart lighting range to Apple’s HomeKit platform later this year. Once debuts, users will be able to tap on Siri – voice-based virtual assistant to control the 16 million colors the smart LED offering.

Philips hue is upgradeable, though. The 9W Hue lamp offers 360 lm at 2000K, 510 lm at 3000K, 550 lm at 6500K and 600 lm at 4000K.

The Hue Starter Kit with bridge costs Rs 16,996, the box includes three Hue lamps, and seperately they are available at Rs 3,995 each. On Philipshue.Snapdeal, apart from it is available through authorized Philips Light Lounges, select retail outlets of Croma and Reliance Digital allover India.


Philips Hue Key Features

  • Connect up to 50 lights and control them on a smart device
  • Use the timer to set alarms and change your lights over time
  • Set your lights to a calming, soft tone to help you relax
  • Set lights to turn on and off when you’re away from home
  • Turn your photos into a palette of color for your lights
  • Specifically designed light recipes to help you focus
  • Preset white light temperature to help boost body and mind
  • Set light to the tuned white for reading
  • Create an account and access your lights from anywhere
  • 16 million colors from an internet-enabled light bulb
  • ZigBee technology lets you update your lights wirelessly

Individual sales of the Hue Go (priced at Rs. 8,995 without the bridge) bowl-shaped lamp, Hue Beyond (Rs. 22,995 without bridge) table lamp, Hue Bloom (Rs. 6,750 without bridge) spotlight, and LightStrips (Rs. 6,500 without bridge).

At launch event, Harsh Chitale, CEO, Philips Lighting – South Asia, said:

Philips Hue will change the way people have experienced and interacted with lighting till now. Connected LED lighting redefines the possibilities with lighting taking it beyond illumination and creating value to enhance our lives.

George Yianni, Head of Technology – Connected Lighting, Co-inventor of Philips Hue said:

At Philips, we always strive to push the boundaries of light and technology to deliver meaningful innovations that go on to become industry benchmarks. More than just a personal wireless lighting system, Hue is a platform with an ever-growing selection of third-party apps (more than 300 at present) that deliver exciting outcomes in the Internet of Things environment.

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