Reserve Strap As Apple Watch Band Battery Life Capacity Finalizes Design, Release Date Official

The Reverse Strap has finally lifted the lid on more details of its Apple Watch battery-toting band. Claiming, it extends extra 30 hours of battery life for your Apple Watch and the band won’t come cheap, though. Released the official design specifications of its battery-charging Apple Watch strap band accessory. If you do need your Apple Watch battery to last an extra 30 hours and have the cash laying around to buy one, then you are in. Check it out, how much it gonna cost you.

With a width of 25mm, a thickness of 3-9mm, and a total weight of 65g, the Reserve Strap Apple Watch band battery life capcitor outed with finalized design. Although, Apple Watch users have generally been happy with the amount of time they can go between charging the device, but still got ways and where people need their smartwatch to last linger on a single charge. Indeed tend to be vocal majority, but that doesn’t mean that their feelings carry any less weight. If anyone require its Apple Watch to last two or three days on a single charge, then it’s a problem when it won’t. That’s where the Reverse Strap comes to scene, offering an extra thirty-hours battery life for the owners of Apple Watch.

With the strap’s developers noting a 167 percent increase in battery life, compared to the original design’s 125 percent boost. Ultimately, if the Reverse Strap is fully charged (via included micro-USB cable), users will nevertheless expect an additional 30 hours of battery life for their Apple smart-Watch. The company also notes on its official website, as a fully-charged Apple Watch can now expect a grand total battery life of 48 hours if both devices are topped off.

People posing with iPhone and iPad do get longer battery life out of them by using either a battery pack or a case that incorporates one. There is a booming third-party accessory market for such things, and the Apple Watch may be about to see a similar market emerge. But a band with a battery built right into it is something Apple does not want. No stopping anymore, Reverse Strap from making its first Apple Watch with a built-in battery.

The developers promise fully complies with the Apple Watch Band Design Guidelines and “doesn’t violate either AppleCare warranty or Apple Terms & Conditions. Made of “Specialized Thermoset Elastometer,” the band also has a battery that Reserve Strap claims will extend an Apple Watch’s battery time by an extra 30 hours.

How to access the hidden Apple Watch 6 pin accessory port

Actually, the band connects to the Apple Watch via the hidden diagnostic port that is beneath one of the band attachments, means the overall aesthetics are surprisingly good. Many won’t realize that the Reverse Strap band is a bit different to a normal band, which is quite the compliment.

How Reserve Strap Works

The original Reserve Strap design (left), with the second design (middle) and the final one (right)
The original Reserve Strap design (left), with the second design (middle) and the final one (right)

1. Reserve Strap will connect to the Apple Watch similar to Apple bands. It will slide in laterally then you’ll then push forward a small switch underneath the band to engage the accessory port connection to secure the Reserve Strap on the Watch.

2. At your discretion simply press the power button once to initiate charging. You can use the Watch as normal while it charges.

3. Once top-off charging is complete after 60-75 minutes, press the power button again to save the rest of Reserve Strap for another time. Or if you decide to leave Reserve Strap on, Apple Watch will use the Strap’s power to keep the Apple Watch at 100% power until the Reserve Strap is depleted.

4. Reserve Strap uses a minimal LED indicator to let you know how much charge you have left. When you turn the charge on or plug it in, the LED will glow either red, yellow or green indicating a high, medium, or low charge.

5. Recharging the Reserve Strap and Apple Watch is incredibly easy. You can leave your Strap on the Watch and simply plug it in via micro USB. This will charge the Apple Watch and Reserve Strap at the same time!

The final design of the Reverse Strap can be purchased in white, grey, or black, its creators noting that only those who pre-ordered are guaranteed a strap on the November 3 launch date. You will need to hand over $249.99 in order to get one.


Do you think the Reserve Strap battery band is probably for you? Yes! Then pick one up come November time.

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