Samsung Galaxy S6 Gear VR Goes On Sale In The US, Available At Just $200 USD

We are talking about the Samsung’s Virtual Reality finally hits the stores in the United States. Gear VR Innovator Edition for Galaxy S6 from Samsung can be purchased across the US retail stores. Pricing and specifications can be grabbed right after this fold.

As initiated last month, Samsung advised sales of the Galaxy S6’s Gear VR have arrived online at both Samsung’s own and Best Buy website. At $200 US dollars will snag you the Gear VR from either company, with both offering free shipping, as well.

While the Galaxy S6 Gear VR hitting Best Buy stores next week, Friday, so that you have another choice bend to choose next weekend. Or you have already have a chance to try out the SG6 Gear VR headset out in person, as Best Buy brings demo units to more and more of its locations over the course of the summer.

What do you think about Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Gear VR headset? Live in the United States, have a chance to get it hands-on. Right now!

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