Samsung Reportedly Developing Wearable Health Sensor For Stroke Detection

Samsung apart from smartwatch also working on a new brainwave reading wearable health sensor from the past two years now. The engineers at Samsung’s C-Labs have announced that they’re developing on a prototype that has the ability to detect strokes in the wearer.

Samsung prototypes brainwave-reading wearable stroke detector

Called it Early Detection Sensor and Algorithm Package (EDSAP), which are the sensors monitors brain waves and give the wearer information to track potential stokes.

How Does EDSAP works?

It’s a sensor placed on a headset, by collecting and wirelessly transmitting branwave data to a mobile app, where the algorithm analyzes the brainwaves and ultimately determines the likehood of a stroke within 60-seconds of time span. Additionally, EDSAP by tracking brainwaves for longer durations, can also leverage its brainwave analysis capabilities to provide additional info related to neurological health, such as stress, dipression, anxiety and sleep patterns.

The device is actually a headset that the users wears, through the monitoring of brainwaves combined with an algorithm, it will be able to detect whether he is at risk at stroking and should consult a doctor or receive immediate help.

We approached neurologists, asking them whether this was feasible,” said Se-hoon Lim, the project lead. “They were dismissive, but we wanted to give it a go. Health-related wearable devices are becoming more and more complex, meaning their capabilities are growing increasingly sophisticated. The five of us wanted to make our mark in this development.”

The ability to precisely measure brainwaves and provide early warning for an imminent illness using a wearable device is a highly meaningful development,” said Seung-Bong Hong, a neurologist at the Samsung Medical Center in Seoul and a medical adviser to the EDSAP project.

At Samsung Medical Center, we believe that EDSAP’s utility can be expanded and applied to other neurological health issues, such as depression. There are certainly a number of steps that remain for EDSAP, including full clinical trials. Nevertheless, I can confidently say that what these engineers have achieved merits the medical community’s attention.

The Samsung engineers has been putting effort to bring the possibility in developing this wearable tech that helps to monitor a person’s heart as well. Brain waves are very indefinite compared to the electric signals of the heart, and if these senors are capable of analyzing branwaves, then heart monitoring should be within its capabilities.

Currently, the Early Stroke Detection is in prototype phase and it is known when will be launched to the public availability.


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