The Apple Watch To Go On Sale In April, As Tim Cook Speaks

Apple Inc has officially announced its quarterly earnings report on Tuesday – and which it is hows up an increase in numners. Apart the revenue, CEO Tim Cook also revealed yet another bit of highly-anticipated information regarding its Apple Watch.


Although its right on schedule, and the Cupertino company expects the Apple Watch to begin shipping in April. Before we talk about the Apple’s smartwatch, we have to look at the Q1 2015 earnings – bigger iPhones equal to bigger sales:

With the huge iPhone and Mac sales, thogh the iPads slumped. Apple posted earnings of $18 billion on $74.6 billion in revenue.

  • Revenue: $74.6 billion
  • Profit: $18 billion
  • iPhones sold: 74.5 million
  • iPads sold: 21.4 million
  • Macs sold: 5.52 million

Those numbers were up big from the number of iPhones and Macs Apple sold during the same time last year, but down big for the iPad.

The big question ahead of earnings was whether this current quarter, which ends March 15th, will include any sales of the upcoming Apple Watch. Answer is no! Because it will be available to buy in April.

Apple Watch battery to give upto 4 hours of active use

However, the previous rumors have surrounded Apple’s wearable for a March launch, but according to the latest report, the Watch will not have stellar battert life: about 19 hours of “mixed use.” And as low as 2.5 hours of “active use,” which actually using the watch itself.

We already got an imminent word from Tim Cook regarding the Apple Watch debut, which is on time in April 2015.

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