This PhotoFast’s Charging Cable Transforms Your iPhone Into A 128GB Media Center

Of course we are talking about the newer version of iPhone charging cable, which is an accessory that turns your phone into a Music station, or else a gaming console, becuase it comes with a 128GB of built-in storage. It’s an undeniable fast that smartphones are becoming increasingly important in our day-to-day lives. As technology progreses and our palm-sized devices become more powerful and capable, which can lead to running out of battery. Meet MemoriesCable; a portable lightweight charge and sync cable that not only offers the ability to charge and synchronize on the go, but also packs a massive surprise to the tune of 128GB.

The PhotoFast MemoriesCable however looks different from your Lightning cable that Apple and various other third-party manufacturers offer today. Ultimately, it does the same job when connected to an iPhone or iPad, but nevertheless, this time little beauty from PhotoFast also contains a design that eventually allows a mammoth 128GB of additioonal storage to be utilized. This cable from PhotoFast is taking advantage of iOS’ new found ability to read and write data to Lightning port connected portable drives, at same time offering a slightly different take on the competition.

Although, it appears that the cable itself is “bulkier” than other options that we’ve seen. Why? Because it ships wih a standard USB connection along with a Lightning connector and a bulbous casing that allows the 128GB of additional storage to be built right into it. Fact here is that the MemoriesCable is actually on 130mm at its longest measurement and weights in a tiny 9.4 grams. How lightweight and portable it is to be used by lot of users. Great!

With 128GB of extra storage means that iPhone and iPad owners can nodoubt back up and swap content between the accessory and connected device. By taking advantage of the official PhotoFast app users can trabsfer movies, song files, photos, eBooks and whatever else you can get on there. Additional layers of security are also built into the app via fingerprint authentication to protect specific content from prying eyes.


PhotoFast is yet to reveal any official proving strategy for the MemoriesCable, but it will be offered in 64GB and 128GB variants when it actually launches for public consumption in near future.

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