This Magical iPhone 6 Case Will Charge Your Phone Using Electricity Harvested From Air; Details

This new upcoming iPhone 6 Case will charge your phone from thin air, well is magic almost. Ready to help you ditch those portable chargers on the go, as well as powerbanks though. And Ohio-based startup called Nikola Labs is indeed working on such a case cover and is reportedly ready for prime-time offering. More details on how an iPhone 6 case magically power ups your phone using air can be grabbed right after this jump.

Nikola Labs gets its name from Nikola Tesla – the famous and revolutionary physicist who was known for his visionary inventions. The startup is literally doing something unheard of before, at least in consumer technologies. Whereas the case appears to charge the phone out of thin air, the magic can be explained.

Here’s how the case gets its juice from a radio frequency (RF) signals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE which is then converted into DC power. Nikola Labs writes: “Nikola Technology efficiently converts RF signals like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE into DC power using its proprietary energy harvesting circuit. The result is usable energy that can provide power to mobile devices wirelessly.” Believing that wireless charging would redefine our charging patterns.

Using an antenna in the case, the RF signals are planted and then fed to an FR-DC converter as it harvests all ambient electromagnetic waves being produced by the phone for connecting to cellular networks, WiFi HotSpots, other devices via Bluetooth, etc. Resulting an extension of the iPhone 6’s battery life by up to 30%, which is amazing given where the power is being produced from.

This technology was fist developed at the Ohio State University, but later the RF harvesting tech was transferred to Nikola Labs that has now gained the License for the technology and patents. Accordin to the company, this new magic case hasn’t been named yet, will be launched on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter for us $99. Nikola Labs aims to start shipping the cases in the next four months from now. Hitting retail stores in not less than a year.

This new iPhone 6 Case with no extension source required for charging with such RF technology, there’s still hope that to be used in smaller, electronic gadgets which doesn’t carry such large batteries, like fitness trackers, smartwatches, portables and more, to significantly extend the battery life on the gadgets. It’s a bit big challenge for smartphone manufacturer’s why they are not working on harvesters that only uses thin air to charge your phones.

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