This Thin Dock For Your New MacBook Gives Every USB-C Port It’s Missing

If you’re a new owner of the latest 12-inch MacBook which arrived with just a single USB Type-C port, and technically makes you confused, because it has not integrated with another channel. But nevertheless, here is Satechi got a solution for that to Apple’s oversight, though it doesn’t compromise your new laptop’s tiny footprint.

This is a tiny USB-C accessories that’ll let your new MacBook actually connect to stuff. Never mind, the company’s new Type-C Hub Adapter slides up alongside your llaptop and turns it USB-C port into a three chassis USB-A ports plus SD card slots to single-port MacBooks.

There are several other crowdfunding campaigns, but Satechi is joining the scene with its own USB-C hub available now. The hub’s thin profile won’t look like an unsightly grown on the side of your sleek hardware, whereas it comes in different color options to match your 12-inch MacBook scenario, which will also work with Chromebooks or other devices that have already embraced USB-C with open arms.

Available in three color-matching aluminum finishes that fit Apple’s gold, silver, and space gray MacBooks, Satechi’s Type-C hub adds three USB 3.0 ports plus two SD card slots, both standard and Micro, to the USB-C-only Retina MacBook.

Satechi highlights its hub’s portable size, which appears to minimally extend the edge of the laptop with similar dimensions to an extra column of keys, which allows you to use standard USB cables and accessories like flash drives simultaneously with a single adapter on your MacBook.

What lacks here is that Satechi’s hub for a MacBook owner is additional USB-C port for charging while using it. Real world battery usage for me generally spans around 4-5 hours on one charge. Users could continue charging their 12-inch MacBooks while still using all of their old USB peripherals.

Satechi’s USB-C hub for MacBooks is available now for $34.99 (reg. $39.99) plus shipping on Amazon. Appeal to Retina MacBook owners?

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