Ultimate Features Of Google’s OnHub Router Detailed, What Are They?

Meet the new $200 OnHub wireless router for the better way to Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s Google, trying to make an essential move which was in past ignored and cornered, but nevertheless, has once again came up with a styish hardware initiative, actually been in works for a couple of years now. With new way of streaming and sharing, this new Google’s WiFi router is built for all the ways you go wireless, and indeed privides smooth streaming and speedy downloads for all of your devices, speaks in a language you understand, and keeps getting better.

Features to speak of this new Wireless gadgetry, it privides reliable Wi-Fi coverage to more areas of your home with 13 powerful Wi-Fi antennas arranged in a circular pattern. Aesthetics wise, Google designed antenna system, which when paired with its software, can dramatically adhust pertinent router settings as to keep interference to a minimum. Each antenna is coupled with a perpendicularly oriented partner antenna so this router can select the polorization devilvering the strngest signal strength for each device in your home.

Second point to note is that this WiFi router also features a front-facing amtenna reflector that almost acts like a satellite dish enhancing Wireless range in that direction. Third one is that the router allows you to prioritize one device over another. For instance, if you want to ensure that the Netflix stream on your laptop gets more bandwidth love than, say, a nearby iOS device downloading few updates, you can make that happen in an unique way.

Google On Companion Mobile App
Fourth inclusion is that you can even say goodby to toggling router settings the old fashioned way. Google’s new router companion mobile app gives you complete control over your Wifi settings directly from your smartphone. Need to reset that setup? It’s pretty easy by opening up the app.

Fifth attribute is the companion mobile application taht will presumably keep an eye on the status of your network, later let you perform various networks tests, and even suggest solutions to connectivity hiccups as their arise. Sixth trait wuld be this. Want to share your Wi-Fi password with a friend? usinng the router’s mobile app you can do so. Simply tapping on a “reveal password” button, it will make your Wi-Fi connection accessible to people to whom you want to sahre it with.

Seventh aspect is that Google’s wireless router is easy to not only tell how many devices are on your network at any given time, rather it also descern how much data you were being used by each and every device. Eighth tweak is that the companion app can also perform speed tests and subsequently provide “real-life examples of what types of internet activities are optimal, like ‘You can stream Ultra HD video at this speed.” Notably, is for those majority of internet users who aren’t likely to be well-versed in all things Mbps.


Ninth element on the Wi-Fi router from Google comes with an array of 13 different antenna, positioned 120 degrees, which ensures that the WiFi signal is spread out uniformely in as many directions as possible. Supports 802.11ac WiFi which can deliver speeds as fast as 1.3 gigabits per second along with wider coverage than earlier standards.

According to Matt Cutts, who was a guest speaker on this week’s This Week in Google, “the last of the 13 antennas in the OnHub is used to switch the outgoing signal to the best channel it can sense in the air every five minutes, whereas regular routers sense the best channel only when the router first turns on, and keeps that channel until the routers are reset.” Finally, its hardware supports a growing number of smart devices, and automatic updates mean you’ll always have the latest features and security upgrades.


Download the free Google On app to help you play, set up and manage WiFi router right from your phone or tablet.

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