WHOA! Google Launches Customizable Live Cases For Its Android Devices

Here’s how you can now bring your Google’s Nexus phones to life using the newly launched accessories. Google has today introduced a new set of those which can be customizable to make your Nexus device more realistic. The company is calling its new accessory Live Case. With Live Case, Nexus users get the ability to have any of their favorite photo, or even a Google Maps location, printed onto a case. It looks pretty cool and unique! Currently supporting the Nexus 6, 5X, and 6P line of devices, will be chagring $35 for each Live Case.


Motorola had it already, but not exactly like waht Google is now offering with their new Live Case accessories. Personalized cases aren’t anything new, but coming in straight from a giant that Google is, this is a big deal, and certainly it’s great to see the company giving some more attention to Nexus brand, bringing it up to par with the more premium runners in the market.

Android Launcher packs however give you a chance to customize your phone’s Home screen and icons etc to say some, but there are several way to transform your whole deviuce into a top-end smartphone. To help you get started with personalizing your own case, Google today has set p a dedicated web page that automates the entire design process through a wizard-based interface with the only real effort required from the user end being to select that perfect photo or location (map), and placing it into the frame.


Offer from Google comes in two options as part of this new service. Photos Live Case; for those interested in having their best photo or image printed onto the back of their phone’s case, and Places Live Case; as the name suggests, lets you design a case with the customized map of any particular location printed onto the back.


Once the image you selected and set, it is simple case of editing your print with a multitude of available effects to bring it all to live. All effects are further supplemented with an array of different color choices, so much that it actually does ignite excitement. After doing all these alerations, you’ll be asked whether you’ll like the case in Matte finisgn, or if you prefer a slight bling, Google is also offering the Glossy finish, but lists it as “coming soon” for now.


This awesome new service is also being complemented with a dedicated My Live Case app on Google Play for Android which lets you mimic your Live Case’s print as a live wallpaper. On the case, you will also find a physical button which can act as shortcut to launch any app on the device. Insane! The option to customize the function of this button can be done from this same app as well.

No wait? To get started with designing your own Live case, head over to Google Store here. You can also download My Live case app for Android additionally from Play Store here.

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