Xiaomi’s Mi WiFi Router With 1TB / 6TB Hard Drive Launched, Starting Price At Rs 5000

It’s Xiaomi who has today introduced us with a new Wi-Fi router called Mi WiFi, which comes with high-speed wireless connectivity and also integrated with a hard drive that lets you store multimedia content personally. Boasting a 6TB storage, in terms of wireless network you will be getting two in addition options, one is a WiFi router and on the other hand a 6 TerraByte hard drive onboard.

Xiaomi’s Mi WiFi router specifications goes with the support of Wi-Fi standard of 802.11ac and under the hood is 1.4GHz Braodcom 4709c dual-core chipset along with 512MB of flash memory. It packs a dual band support, which the company claims its PCB atennas improve 2.4G performance by 100%, and 5G at 30%.

Backups automatically from your cemaras or smartphones with the hard drive inside it. The router is compatible with DSLR cameras from companies like Sony, Nikon, and Canaon among others. For smartphones, it supports almost all running Android or iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). With remote access, you will be able to gain access to the content stored on the router through an iOS or Android app.

Xiaomi has also launched the Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier alongside WiFi router, and as the name suggests, it will act like a plug in the amplifier to router to extend the WiFi range, which can also be used as a plug-and-play extension. No doubt it one of the best idea comes from the Chinese manufacturer.

Here we have two variants of Mi Wi-Fi routers – one comes with 1TB hard drive, priced at 499 Yuan (INR 5,130 roughly), and the second variant with a 6TB hard drive – priced at 2999 Yuan (almost Rs 30,844). The Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier costs 39 Yuan (Rs 400 approx).

Xiaomi’s Mi WiFi router with 1TB/6TB on board hard drive, along with Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier has been launched in China. No words on when it makes its debut in other market globally. Stay tuned!

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