This Accessory Brings MagSafe-Like Connector To Lightning And Micro-USB Cables

New Kickstarter project ‘Znaps‘ aims to take the advantages of the MagSafe charger and bringing it to Lightning and micro-USB devices like iPhone, iPad and Android, Samsung Galaxy lineup. As simple as connecting a MagSafe charger to your MacBook. Project consists of a connector that plugs into the Lightning port on your iOS device, and an adapter for your cable that lets it connect to the port magentically.

Apple although had a sight evidently to ditch the MagSafe connector following the release of the USB-C-powered MacBook. Connecting a charger to a piece of technology using the power of magnets still feels like future, and we can’t quite fathom why it isn’t how we charge everything.

Now that, this Kickstarter project is trying to correct that, with the Znaps adapters available to buy for a pledge of $11 Candaian ($9 US).

The Znaps Connector and Adapter here, a Lightning cable can snap onto your device using magnets, making it quicker to connect and charge an iPad or iPhone. There’s also a version for devices that use Micro-USB. Znaps kit comprises of an adapter that plugs into either a Lightning port or micro-USB socket and another part attaches to the relevant charging cable. Two pieces connect together using magnets, mimicking the MagSafe functionality but nevertheless using existing cables that we all have lying around.

Znaps is small enough that it will work with a wide variety of custom iPhone cases that leave the Lightning port exposed, and with this project, creators can cut down on the hassle o fumbling to get a Lightning cable pluged into an iPhone, iPad. Works for both charging and syncing, and a small LED light on the adapter will light up when a device is being charged. With part of the Znaps kit plugging into your device‚Äôs charging port it plugs one hole that could allow water or moisture in, and it also means that if you trip over your charging cable then you are less apparent to fling your expensive piece of kit across the room in the process. Alone worth less than $10 of anyone’s money.

There are also several other tiers available at different price points for purchasing multiple Znaps. The Kickstarter project is currently down to ship in November of 2015, though as is always the case with Kickstarter projects there is no guarantee that there’s won’t be any unforeseen issues between now and then. If iot does indeed ship though, the Znaps charging solution could be an ultimate hit. Prospective purchasers should keep that in mind when backing this project.

(source: Kickstarter)

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